Good screen sharing / remote desktop software?

Hello my fellow massplanners I have been using google chrome remote desktop its great but a very small delay. Its not fully smooth like teamviewer. However my teamviewer expired :frowning: I am looking for a software thats cheaper than teamviewer that runs smooth with no lag.

Thank you

Why not just RDP to it?


thanks ill look into it ! i always had a hard time setting that up. But now I have windows 10 maybe its simpler

It’s pretty easy.


use can use “AnyDesk” nice one

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Hey man, i think this tutorial is pretty illustrative:

I followed it when i setup my vps for the first time and got it running the same day! (although you may have some troubles installing it from the app store, check you have all your updates and your connection to the app store is not blocked)

The app is cool and efficient. Indeed teamviewer is way more cooler, but it serves just fine.

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ok i think i like this one :slight_smile: is this free? i think I accidentally purchased it for no reason

ya its free you can download

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Woah you paid for TV? That’s crazy !

I’d agree nothing comes close to TV, but man, i hate it for the reason once it “detects” you are connected via coporate network or server use it will block all access to it until you pay for license.

Tried all sorts of hack to get it to work free but can’t. It just completely blocks access.


noooo I accidentally payed for AnyDesk lol I realized its free & it is very close to TV! TV super overpriced !!

Why don’t you just RDP for the cost of ZERO


too much work for me im lazy & my brain is very small I like simplicity.

I’m sure software devs likes you very much. :laughing:


Between TV and anydesk, which one has the lowest lag ? Any idea ?

My list: VNC Viewer , RDP.

It’s too slow