Good settings for growing safely

Hey, anyone using automation for Dev account. Because I tried many things with slaves as scraping but all things tried not working. if anyone has any advice or feedback that could be very cool, i can even pay for a quality guide.

Best regards.

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I got challenge on all accounts :confused:

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What’s not working? Are you being blocked? Are your main accounts or your scraper accounts getting disabled by IG?

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Lol Jarvee has its own scraping setup built in. Stop spamming

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Profilmate is a scam

check trustpilot: ProfileMate Review - #1 Instagram Marketing System Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

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good to know… I use jarvee most of the times, but have a few friends using this profile mate without a problem…

If you are using Jarvee, you may send an email to the Support Team so they can assist you with the issue and have some guides sent to you.