Good SIM cards for Twitter verification?

I recently bought some bulk sim cards for Twitter verification from eBay (Labas sim cards from Lithuania) but I’m getting this error message when trying to add the phone number: “Can’t send the confirmation code right now”.

I’ve tried clearing the cookies and also using different browsers through my home IP or using a proxy or VPN etc but it’s still not working. Do you think this may happen cause i’m in Greece and the sim card country code is Lithuania?

When i tried a different sim card that i got from my country (Greece) it worked without issues, but there’s a limit on how many phone numbers i can get and i need more and they’re also quite expensive to buy here.

Can you suggest any good sim card providers that work with Twitter? Also where do you buy bulk sim cards (eg eBay etc) and which phone number provider and country combination works best for you?

Btw can i also use a Google Voice account for Twitter verification or does that no longer work?

How much you paid for those sim cards?

There is no way to use sim cards from a different country, you need to be in Lithuania. Or you can find someone from Lithuania and send him those sim cards, and he will help you with the verification using those real sim cards.