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Hi guys,

I currently have some clients that are looking for google/yelp reviews. Is there anyway to artificially boost these on a large scale? or even a small scale? Happy to pay for anyone who can point me in the right direction or can provide this as a service.

Any feedback would be great!


Don’t pay for fake reviews. Work with your clients to help them identify their happy customers. Then help them organize a way to effectively leave reviews across multiple platforms. If they don’t have any happy customers, they shouldn’t be in business.


totally agree, faking reviews is not ethical plus it shouldnt be hard to get the real thing if they are providing real value to their customers


As watching pirated movie isn’t, still… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Some well made reviews can boost the start of a legit and hard working business.
A great way, could be contacting some micro influencer and offering them something free for a honest review. (without being cheap, but still something normal)
Ofcourse, the overall quality of the service will be in the review, so setting high standard is they key before starting everything, otherwise even with fake reviews you won’t hold the good score.


Ethically, yes you shouldn’t create fake reviews.

But not everything we do here is above board right?

A few “seed” reviews does wonders for getting plenty of real reviews. You just have to have the ability to back them up and have and create real positive reviews. In a crowded market it is absolutely not unusual to have fake reviews. Many companies ask their employees to write reviews, and I’ve gotta tell ya, I’ve seen that go sideways a lot.

I wouldn’t go buying fake reviews from a panel. You need an agency or someone really reputable to do them as part of reputation management. There are ways to scale, but it’s not cheap or easy.

You can however automate ways to get people to leave real and positive reviews with little to no input. That however is going to cost you per review. Look for someone who does reputation management and comes recommended.


do we even do legal things here?

Absolutely we do. Some more than others.

Bumping to look for any Southern California MP users to help me out with a few yelp/google reviews for my boat detailing business, I will provide the copy and pictures to post, willing to pay. I’m assuming that having reviews in your local service area help keep you under the radar as opposed to having an ip from New York leave a review but idk. I also plan to take it slow and only get a few considering it wouldn’t take many to outrank my local competitors. Let me know I would really appreciate it or maybe point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Just make google accounts on real phones and start dropping reviews. If you friends come over make a new account from their phone and just do one review via chrome, Have patience in the first month and don’t go overboard.


I provide Google reviews as a service

If you match the IPs to the target county and post reviews inline with the gmb traffic amount it works well

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