Google Proxies for Instagram

Hi guys,

Wondering how is your experience with Google built proxies for IG, we received a request to create them for a customer. We built 8 today, our customer is at this moment using all of them in his browser, (1 proxy per chrome instance) but as he is planning automation I would like to know your experience. Thanks!!

Note: he has good experience, more than one year, using 2 for travel bookings with no issues.

What are google built proxies?

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You use google cloud platform to build virtual machines and in those machines you install a proxy server.
So you can have a many as you want, and you can set the newtork settings according with your needs, also de location, USA, Europe, Asia for example.


Interesting technique :slight_smile: what’s the final cost of such a proxy?

From my experience with Amazon servers, especially the free ones had a shared ip with many others. If it’s the same here if you use such a proxy and you’re not sure that it’s yours 100% you might get in trouble at some point if someone having the same ip starts spamming… granted, the chances are not that high but it’s always a possibility of this to happen

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The costs are variable depending on the type of machine, ram, storage, but… the good thing is that you can build micromachines very cheap and you pay as you consume CPU.
While building them google is showing you the approx cost per month, and you can always tweak the settings to pay less, and a good feature is that you can set alarms based on budget so you never pay more than you want.

I can show later how much he is paying after a few days.

With google you don’t share the IPs and you set your own firewall as well, so you have all the control you need.

Probably Google IP’s are just datacentre IP’s. The only advantage can be that the IP ranges are probably less abused than datacentre IP’s from other providers.


Without the probably :slight_smile: I was thinking the same as you, that’s why I was asking opinions here.

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