Got a client who wants to grow facebook page, what would you do?

Hey, this is not a popular thing but thought I would ask for advice anyway.

I’ll be mostly posting industry niche content, some IG feed reposts and occasional sale promo. I know organic reach for business pages is dead on facebook. So I already had a discussion with the client that if he wants to see some results there will be paid promo offers required to boost posts.

I found some info here and there but not sure what would make the most sense, just boosting every other post to get some engagement and do engaging posts asking questions, promoting engagement etc?

Or would you do some more specific boosting? Curious to hear your opinion. Said business is a restaurant so mostly will be food and beverage + some wines/champagne they sell on the website.


probably ads man, who cares about engagement, get them people in their restaurant.

Is their main objecitve is to grow the facebook page, and getting people to the restaurant is just addition? Or also to sell products online? You should first make sure they know what they want to achieve and that you understood them correctly. This way you will avoid situations where they are not happy with the results because of misunderstanding.

In any case, ads will definitely be needed when it comes to facebook, just see what type of people they want to attract. With Jarvee you can automatically invite people from page posts likes - this is very useful when you run ads, this way people that didn’t like your page yet and that liked your post can be easily reached.

I’d buy some aged FB accounts, then use Jarvee to extract users from local groups, and send friend requests to those extracted users. After that I’d use the Invite tool to invite my friends to like the page. I’d also use those FB accounts to share the FB Page’s posts to other groups with the same niche.