Got a Lead from new idle account lol

I just lol of what’s going on here.
I’ve never done any Gearbest related stuff. I don’t use its affiliate ever until recently I’m put its link on one of my IG account.

The thing is that account is just created a few days without profile pic or anything else. It’s just blank new account. It stays idle without doing any action.

The one thing is I put Linktree that point to GB affiliate link only.

I see stat and the source is from that account, really?
A lead and a several clicks from it.

What a coincident, I just lol at this because I’m try hard monetizing other accounts with zero lead. Yet, a lead from fresh new idle account without any profile filling.

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I like this haha


Now you can just try and lazily replicate it and make an idle lead generating machine :wink:

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