Got action block when replying to comments on my own posts?

Hi, since I started to join in engagement groups, I am getting a lot of comments on my posts. And I read it’s important to reply to comments fast, due to IG’s algorithm, so I tried to reply as soon as possible.

The thing is: I already got two “comment blocks” in the past few weeks when doing so. I mean, I was not mass liking+commenting on OTHERS’ posts, I was merely replying to comments on MY OWN posts. I don’t even like+comment in engagement groups, I pay for the “premium post” services instead (so that I don’t need to engage), just because I am scared of “action block”. Still, this happens, which makes me very nervous using IG nowadays.

Is this normal? Or is my account already in IG’s dog house?

Were you replying the same thing over and over?

Not exactly the same thing. I do vary what I write as replies. But if I reply to, say 15 comments in a row, I got blocked. Maybe it was too fast by IG’s standard with new accounts? My account is two months old.

I know this is quite an old post, but I didn’t want to start a new topic about the same thing.

I got a comment block today. It was the first action I did today which was very weird imo. My Jarvee was still in a sleep mode and I use it only for F/U at the moment.

There was a new comment on my post from yesterday which I replied to, nothing offensive, just a smile which I replied to with “Thank you” and that got me blocked. The info from Instagram said something about blocking me temporarily because I shared a link with inappropriate comment.

I got scared a little and left it for an hour and when I came back to this post, the initial comment that I replied to wasn’t there.

Anyone know why this could happened?

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