Got Ban Disable first time to login with proxy

i have been very carefully.

  1. 2018-10-31
    a. i use the andriod phone (Firstly time to register IG) to register with the VPN in US with 4G. as i am in China. i have to use VPN to login.
    b. i register with real phone number and add the email.
    c. do 3-7 likes.
    d. update the only bio, i write some email,whatapp,facebook,and phone and so on. just make the bio is unqiue with others account. but the “contac info account” is the same. i mean the same phone number, and same account.

  2. 2018-11-3
    i check the account after 3 days, it is not disapper. looks good.
    then confirm the email with the andriod phone webview( same VPN and 4G). and in the email receive below “New Login”:XiaoMi Redmi 4 · Chrome Mobile WebView · Portland, OR, United States

today i set it in the Tools, i account was pause. then i login with the proxy in the chrome to check, but it show it is disabled…

i forgot to check the account before login. but i think it is well before i login to tools.

what is issue maybe… i am very confustion… the only problem is the bio? some words was ban?

Did you include an URL in the bio? The VPN, what is it? who is the provider. Or is a proxy?

i don’t add any url in profile.
i test the proxy is okay, test that proxy to login another test account. it can login well.
the VPN is in my local provider. if VPN is the issue, i should can’t do any post in my local mobile… i will still go to test and try…

I would recommend not using a vpn.

no one give the expensive… i have tested… it is the proxy issue…
i use another account with no proxy, almost the same prepare with bio and so on. account can be login well… maybe seems, if use proxy easy to be disabled for new account… i will test more…
but if i use that proxy to login other test account, but it can login also… i don’t why really reason… maybe guess… haha.