Got Banned on tik tok (142.9k)

Title says it all. Didn’t even post anything. Was running an account @youngpierre24 with 142.9k followers, woke up last week to it being perma banned. This obviously sucks, and I’ve tried emailing them continuously, still no response. Any suggestions?

Edit: lmk if you guys know any way I can get unbanned

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They usually do not respond. Keep messaging them. Didn’t they gave u a reason for the ban?

Hmm… start a new one if that doesn’t bothers you. TikTok is known for it’s absurd algorithm mishappens. I also got 8 posts banned.

How fast did you grew to 142k?

Just saw your new video. Avoid using the F word, even if it’s censored. They don’t normally care about that, but a single report can lead to a suspension, or a temp ban. Be sure to read their guidelines.

Also, if you used a third party to grow your account, a permanent ban is inevitable.

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How many videos did you have, and how did you reach 100k+ followers? They wouldn’t ban you for no reason.

A year and a half.

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Like 500. A few videos went super viral

Makes sense. Did you use any inappropriate words, or maybe a VPN while posting videos. Just explain further what you did or didn’t. There are many ways to get suspended/banned.

Goddamn that’s a long ass time. Really sorry for your loss. You were a hustler.

I use a VPN, hope I won’t get banned.

A friend of mine just got banned after using a high quality VPN for 3 weeks. I’d rather use a foreign SIM card. It’s a safer way.

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Do you know how you can buy and ship a SIM card from USA to Romania? I don’t. How do you know he was banned for using VPN?

He started a new account, without posting any videos. He only surfed with a VPN, just to test it. 3 weeks later he got banned, so I assume it’s that. I’ve also read some stories from other people.

They sell prepaid cards on Ebay. Using one is ok for TikTok, and it automatically changes your region. A VPN doesn’t necessarily change that, unless you take your SIM card out.

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As someone already mentioned, they don’t reply and rarely consider emails. Inappropriate content is against their TOS, and they are very strict with that. I don’t wanna sound negative, but don’t expect too much. Better focus on growing a new account.

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You cannot explain to them. The algorithm takes them down. No empathy.

I dont have a sim card in my phone with the VPN

That should be fine.

been using third parties for almost a year. Zero bans. You don’t seem like you have much experience with that. It isn’t the same as IG

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I don’t use it either

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