Got Likes, but no Views on my Reels

Hey guys I am posting Reels on Automation for my Accounts and for some reason they are getting 0 Views but they receive few likes. Like I have some Reels with 0 Views but 10 Likes. How is this possible? The Accounts are working fine besides the Reels Issue.

Thanks for any information!

Are you using Jarvee/MP to post reels? Are you sharing your reels in the wall or just in the Reels section?

Yes, using Jarvee. Sharing it on my Wall aswell.

I had this problem this morning. I posted a Reels and shared on my feed, for the first hour I had about 100 likes and no views. Later the views went up, probably IG took a while to update. My main problem is that when I share Reels on my feed, I only get views from people that follow me, nobody outside my followers see that reels…

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Does this issue last permanently on each Reel? Or is it fixed when you go back an hour or so later? I find IG takes a while to update my Reels insights.

I found out that the views are getting updated after few hours :pray:


nice thank you for the update i did not know/noticed that i was wondering what might cause that when few accounts of mine had that issue.

I am glad to hear that. Always better to wait sometime before you start thinking that it’s an issue :slight_smile: