Gotta admit about telemarketing SPAM

gotta admit the telemarketing spam is the most annoying thing out there i keep getting around 5 calls a week about some BS lol anyone else facing this problem? how do you deal with this?


I believe there is a list you can be put on some sorta no call list. When they call you they can get a huge fine if you’re on that list.
Unfortunately I don’t know or remember how to sign up for that list though.

lol ive been on every list that s*it doesnt work lol

Best thing to do is to change your number. Your numbers probably being resold to shit loads of spam companies. I don’t even answer unknown numbers these days.

i dont either but it seems like even if i get another phone # it still gets hit with spam as if they randomly generate these numbers

Had that today on my work phone. No idea how they got the number, I barely use it

yep they getting sneakier and sneakier

Maybe it’s someone here from MPSocial that is running this spam campaign? :thinking:

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