GPT-Neo generates Instagram Captions!

Hi all,
I hope you are aware of the text generation capabilities of GPT-3 and how a large number of products are leveraging it to automate the generation of content for Social Media among others.

While I was waiting for access to the GPT-3 API, I thought to explore GPT3’s Open-Source cousin GPT-Neo.

I set up an experiment to test out how well it would generate Instagram Captions for normal posts and carousel posts. The results were quite surprising since they were not so far behind from GPT-3, given GPT-Neo is ~100x smaller.

Here are few results that I found decently good:

  • Input - “Chicken tikka is love!”

  • Output:

    1. Simply delicious! Crisp, juicy, fresh, crunchy and tangy. This chicken tikka is one of our top favorite recipes.
    2. Fresh Marinated Chickens on a bed of thinly sliced and crispy garlicky green peppers. As if that wasn’t enough, you add the homemade mint chutney to bring it all into one meal.
    3. Chicken Tikka’s soft, tender, juicy and flavorful chicken. All you have to do is slice it up then cook it with a little ketchup.
  • Input (Carousel) - “5 tips to lose your weight in 5 weeks”

  • Output:
    Headline - Need an inspiration? 5 ways to lose weight in 5 weeks.
    1 - Increase your fiber intake.
    2 - Drink water.
    3 - Add a protein shake to your diet.
    4 - Try a low carb and high fat diet.
    5 - Increase your water intake.
    Closure - Use these tips and see your weight loss go down! Follow _____ for more tips on losing weight.

  • Input - “Cats are the cutest”

  • Output:

    1. You’ll have cats on your lap – or on your feet. This video focuses on the cuteness of felines – with their gorgeous eyes and their pretty faces.
    2. All animals deserve love and affection. Here’s a quick guide to help you pet cats as much as possible.
    3. There’s not a better feeling than petting a cat and watching it purr. But wait, there’s more, there are more cat-cuddly things to do than just that!
  • Input (Carousel) - " How to take good care of your plants"

  • Output:
    Headline - It can be tough to take care of your plants, but with this DIY guide, you can be sure to get the best, most healthy plants as well!
    1 - Keep your plants hydrated with water infused with mint.
    2 - Plant flowering herbs and berries.
    3 - Spray the soil with water blended with rosemary, lavender and more herbs.
    Closure - Follow this plan to ensure that your plants thrive.

Let me know what you think of the results and do you think they are good enough to be useful in real-world with some polishing.