Grab UID of business pages to target ads, can this be done?

I know that you can upload a whole bunch of mobile numbers and target those, and also I can target facebook users that have a business page, however Can I create my own list of facebook pages to target? Can I scrape a business UID?

Yuu can create your own business page and you create look alike audience from the fans.
If what you mean is to create audience from competitor business page.
You should try with tools to scrape the email and phone number.
Or you can scrape the data from your competitor ads.

No, I have already scraped emails and phone numbers, I wondered if you can the business page owner by using the business page UID? That way I can have a more targeted list.

How to scrape email and Phone number?
please tell me
think you

@Shelly Send me a pm, there is a tool to do this.