Graphic Design without knowing nothing about GD

So, I see lots of social profiles trying to do unique image post, and most of them are shity, so I like to share with you two free tools that will make your image or promotonial post really awesome, also for blog appearence as well. Maybe some of you know about them, but for those who dont:

In five minutes you´ll get the hang of any of this tools.




i was about to make a thread about this … great upload :slight_smile:

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Really? Were you just about to? What did he upload? :rolling_eyes:

Anyway back, back on topic, thanks for the share @landalas, I’ve been looking for some good stock art sources because I’ve been short on time, I’ll have to check out some of the templates they’ve got for some fast turnaround work :wink:

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i was gonna post something about canva and all the great features on it… why is everyone so uptight on mpsocial i was just gonna contribute

I like canva, nice and easy to use. You can create cool posts in couple of mins.

Haven’t tried spark yet.


Oh man, these are great! Thanks again for sharing this, just put together a few promo things for one of my accounts… saved me so much time in Photoshop, even though it’s pretty easy to do that, this is so much faster. Canva is actually pretty cool, I’d say better than Spark, which has pretty crappy templates.


Glad to help 13chars

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I like Canva too! Been using it for a while

The only thing annoying about it is if you need other fonts you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. Other fonts are important if you want to maintain branding consistency (and your fonts are not already the default).

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