Great EXAMPLE of Successful MASTER/SLAVE Set up!

So if there is anyone else like me out there, I’ve been dying to see a proper/successful example of a M/S set up that was actually converting. I know I’ve asked a few of you for examples without much response, thus I wanted to kick off the discussion that will hopefully help us all bring some ideas or creative approaches to the table. I’m going to be honest, M/S really turned me off initially because I saw first hand how most spammers use it… but this one actually left a pretty nice taste in my mouth, well done Puravida growth hacker team. I was telling one of my partners the other day that PuraVida Bracelets had to be using master slave, they grew 500k followers in maybe 6 months, when most accounts that side are struggling not to churn followers… then I got a follow from @puravidabracelets_india, accompanied by a DM :slight_smile: and it’s actually a pretty enticing offer to drive traffic.

NOW I GET IT. Very similar to a FB ad… it really won’t work well without an offer or some reason for the DM to provide value. Just like FB ad’s, they convert better with a compelling offer, unless the product is just mind blowingly awesome.

Anyways, thought people might find it a little interesting as I did :slight_smile: Anyone else have some examples or comments around this particular funnel/flow?


Interesting, did they follow you before they sent it?

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Yup! They sure did

I’m getting ready to let some slaves work on an account and I had something very similar already setup to send with a discount code…

riyaaseef20 as discount code…Couldnt they think of something better…


Hahaha you’d think so right?

Honestly, it could be a regular company, and some spammer is creating slave accounts and sending out that DM because when consumers use that discount code, maybe the spammer earns a commission percentage? They could be making bank doing so.


Very well could be!

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Looks like someone by the name of riyaaseef as opposed to the company itself.
It’s a win for both though!

I can’t imagine that link is working if they have a lot of slave accounts? Looks like the same link that is in the bio of the main account


I have been wondering about Pura Vida. They blew up.

Making slave accounts that relate to a location is very intelligent. That’s exactly how you could do it with cities. For example: @puravidabracelets_newyork

This has many advantages. For example, one can follow people who were following at certain local shops (one’s own niche). Today I talked to a friend who closed her business due to declining clientele. I am very sorry for her, but we can learn from this. With a niche shop you can win the people who visit local shops, for example for an online shop. It is shifting more and more towards the internet. Now it is only up to us to pick up the people and “bring in our stores”.


I’m thinking it was more like an ambassador code, or to make it look like an ambassador code.

I’ve been saving all m/s messages I’ve been getting for the last couple months. Maybe I’ll do something similar for the accounts to track growth/effectiveness of their methods. Some are sloppy as hell some are very well thought out


Feel free to post some of them here :smiley:


Check this sneaker seller:

They have a loooot of slaves :slight_smile:


how can they tag the main account and link to the site without problem?

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Definitely they are using a proper cloacker for that!

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jeezzz 7k followers in 1 day thats pretty impressive!

i was looking for it, looks more a good active referral more than a m/s

20cent braclets sold for a subscription from 14 to 10+ bucks, with probably a good referral %.
i didn’t see any cloacker in all the profile i saw and most of the profile hasn’t that much following.

good marketing strats

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