Great, Pinterest Keyword Tool For Everyone

Hey, everyone! I am not sure if anyone posted this nifty little tool, but I’ve been doing a lot of Pinterest reading and research STILL.

Yeah, I know ppl are saying it’s dead, and it probably is, lol. However, I thought this was a dope tool. If it’s been posted before, my bad, but I hope it helps someone.

So, it delves a bit deeper than just your usual keywords. You can make your boards based on some of your findings.


Thanks for the share! Pinterest is not dead, it’s just tougher than it was before. I am sure many people will find this useful!

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Thanks, @wortime:). I’m glad you’ll find it useful, as I know you’re a TRUE SM expert:).

You’re right, they’re just making it a lot harder, but I’ll keep on trying with it!

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