Great quick resource for finding follow sources!

Hey everybody, I’m pretty new to the forum and have been really enjoying all the wonderful information and tips given by everyone so figured I would start contributing and sharing some of my own!
I stumbled across a site recently that I’ve found to be very useful for quickly finding good target sources so thought I’de share!

The site is

First start by just typing a relevant bio word into the search bar and then filter by the amount of followers.

Next it will pull up a list of accounts that fit your search criteria.
It’s quite useful because it shows you their follower count, engagement, and weekly post count. This way you can select sources quickly with good engagement and who are posting actively.
When you find a source you like simply click “add to list”.
Add as many sources as you need and then when you are done go down to “Saved Users” on the bottom right to view your list.

Now just export the list to a CSV file and you can plug them into your bot of choice!

Rinse and repeat as many times as needed to keep optimizing and BOOM! Quick and painless.

Only downside is the site doesn’t have the biggest influencer index out the so it can be a little limiting if you are searching for very specific sources. But for general and popular niches its great.

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Nice tool :slight_smile: I am not really sure but I think jarvee can do the same thing haha



Seems like an interesting tool, after a short test it seem to be a bit limited but the real test it the follow back ratio the sources from it gives.

Do you have follow back ratio info about sources you found using it?


Hmmm haven’t seen that feature yet but would be awesome if you could point me to where it is! :grinning:

Yeah, it is a bit limited for specific searches. Maybe not the one stop tool for all of your sources but still can definitely helps me finding new ones in a pinch.

And I haven’t been using it long enough to really provide any great stats on follow back ratios yet but so far I have sources doing anywhere from .20 - .40% in the little time I’ve been using it.
Obviously it really depends on the account and niche though.

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Nice tool. These types of tools are always so useful! Every tool offers a little different info but in the end the follow back ratio determines if it’s a good source or not


how many likes or follows do you have set before you determine if it’s a good source? I do about 50 likes or follows but sometimes if my source list is too big it takes a while to get that

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I personally do 100 follows and/or 7 days. But yeah, if I plug in a huge amount of sources I might give it a more time so it can do its thing.

Appreciate the recommendation.

@SOCIALGURU are you by chance affiliated with this site?

No affiliations here!

it doesn’t find the biggest accounts related with the keyword I use. thanks for sharing but not really useful in my case.

interesting find, but the site breaks for me after a few searches. Have to hit back and start over repeatedly.

Great! But how can I extract to CSV easily?

nice tool, thanks for sharing. Love the export to csv!

@Gaevintt add the users you want, click on the saved users at the bottom of the page and the csv option is there.


Bummer, never had a problem with it crashing!

You could do a detailed research and scrapping via Jarvee. You could also record business and data informations.

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Awesome tool, thank you very much.

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Thanks friend

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how/where do you import the csv file into Jarvee? I cant seem to make it work…

Great resource. Going to build a custom scraper to get the results into a list for import into Jarvee.

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