Great success with TikTok so far

Anyone else having great success with TikTok??

I am enjoying the 30% CTR on my bio links to profile views doing simple f/u on one of my accounts I put up as a test in an unpopular niche. Its like IG before the tyrants took over.

Hopefully this gem of an app doesn’t get banned :100: and if it does hopefully another just as good takes its place that isn’t facebook since I like to diversify.


how do you get the link on the bio on a new account?

The best way is to get 1k followers

they let you once you hit 1k followers?

In my experience it has been that way. You need 1k followers anyways for the bio link to be useful.

How fast did you get to 1000 followers? And how aggressive are your settings?

This is an interesting topic.

Congratulations man!

Managed via J right?

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I got them in 2 weeks doing 250-300 follows a day which is very small in the tiktok world and easy to do.

Thanks dude! not at the moment I have my own custom solution but I’m sure it’s possible since I have been testing on J as well and the only issue there is the scraping of people to follow isn’t good yet

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What sources were you using with Jarvee? There is a new option to follow and unfollow with the embedded browser now.

I don’t use J for now on TikTok just because I am more comfortable atm with my custom solution but I am sure it can work just fine there as well with the right sources.

There is no right wrong when it comes to sources it just depends on your niche.

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Are the clicks at least worth any money?

They are being funneled to some other projects that I am working on so yes they are generating income.

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RIP :pensive:

Was going to start some projects on tik tok soon too

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That ban in the U.S will hinder it severely. Also depends if it will be permanent. If Europe follows then for sure it will be done.

I’ll keep doing what I am doing anyways and see if it really makes a difference with the states gone.

Maybe he won’t really ban it. Here’s a news from a few hours ago: “Microsoft Said to Be in Talks to Buy TikTok, as Trump Weighs Curtailing App”

Maybe Microsoft can integrate this into Linkedin :smiley:

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I think after all this over if TikTok survives this it will only make them bigger or ruin them.

I like those odds though its a great app with lots of potential.

if you dont mind me asking, what is your “custom solution” ?

Jarvee currently can’t scrape users by followers so its pretty useless at the moment.

Sorry can’t talk about that here after all we are on public forum :slight_smile:

Was just saying if done right TikTok is great :raised_hands:

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:grinning: :grinning:

That would be something. Imagine CVs created as TikTok videos…

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