Great way of connecting with your target market via FB! (Due to recent FB changes)

Here is a quick tip which could be useful for those that use Facebook for marketing purposes.

There has been a change to the Facebook Platform - if you now send a message to those you are not friends with they will be notified. Previously there was no notification and the message would just end up in the pending messages section.

So I recommend using the contact tool in Facebook extracting a relevant group and then contacting the members within that groups.

Does anyone have a good method of being able to send links within these messages without getting it banned? I.e masking the links somehow?


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Interesting, maybe you can try sending a fb link, like to a page or a group and promote from there? Also all messages should be highly spun so there are no chances of duplicate messages to get you in trouble.

Can facebook fanpage links be banned? If i was to send the same one?

I noticed that as well, it is a good feature and people should really take advantage of that.

Unfortunately even if you send a fan page link, it will be banned at some point. You can use spin text with different links and Mass Planner will send a random one every time: How to create unique posts when posting to hundreds of places - spinning to the extreme

Keep an eye on those links and change them with new ones once they are banned.

Isn’t messaging like this a good way to get your FB account banned?

I think it depends on what you are promoting… If you try to promote something you know it’s a scam… as soon as people would start reporting you, your account would probably get banned fast… But on other hand if you are promoting to people something that can interest them , and if you are careful , and using good spintax in both your comment and domain, I think it can be done…