Green icon in Jarvee

Tried to search for it but can’t find the answer. I never saw a green icon in J. It’s usually blue or red. What the green icon means?

You have to have set a daily limit on one of your tools. Once that daily limit has been reached, instead of getting a yellow exclamation mark next to your tool, you will get a green one.


Thanks so much for your kind answer bro. I’m aware it’s a noob question. So the Green one is replacing the yellow one?

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Was in todays update please check your update notification @tomsocial explained already what it means

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the yellow one had more reasons to show up like for example no results found anymore so no it is better seperated cause you have red: ATTENTION something is totally wrong yellow: come on dude please check this if you have time and green: sit back and relax everything is running fine

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No. If have no sources left on a tool then it will come up with the yellow ! (you can hover over the ! and it will tell you why situation is) If you have reached your daily limit on a tool then it will come up with the green !

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Thanks folks. I’m running new proxy on one account, the one which get the green icon so it was nice to see some progress after the shitload of reds.

Tweeking setting, trying proxies. Fingers crossed.

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It means it’s all good in the hood and you should forget about that shit and count your cheddah