Greetings boys, girls and genderqueers!

Hello everyone, I’m 22 years old, I’m originally from Portugal, but throughout my life I’ve “lived” in many European countries, mainly because of my job as a pentester or security consultant and malware analyst. Apart from that, I’ve been doing Internet Marketing for 8 years.It started more like a fun hobby, now it’s just like a second job. I’ve done a bit of everything, but my main focus lately is affiliate marketing and e-commerce through social media and SEO. I already earned a big undisclosed amount of money, so not really a newbie, plus I knew about this forum before, but never joined, because usually I don’t have time for forums. Nevertheless, I have heard good things about this community from my good australian friend @HenryCooper, so decided to join in. I have experience in pretty much everything, so I can help anyone who is just starting out or has already started but still has doubts. The only important thing you need to know about me is I work very hard, like obsessively hard, which results in my lack of time to help people, although don’t be discouraged to ask me stuff or just talk with me. So, yeah I will read a bunch of topics to know how this forum works and to catch the vibe. And finally, although I already consider myself an expert in some platforms, I’m always ready to learn and become better in others.


@JackGagger really nice to see you here. For sure a big addition to the forum and the community.

(as long as he is not trolling)


Already got the white avatar, I’m sure you are going to do just fine here.


Welcome, I quit doing forums quite while ago was a mod on a big internet marketing forum that the owner burned to the ground with his ego. Really like the vibe of this forum and it is where the “cool kids” hang lol. Hope you hang around :smile:


Welcome to MP social!

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Welcome always good to have experienced folks to rub e-elbows with :muscle:t4:


Welcome @JackGagger :raised_hands:
This forum is the place to be! So many people create value here. Although many people have a lot of knowledge and are obviously successful with what they do, they do not take themselves too seriously! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thank you all for the warm welcomes, I feel special right now! :kissing_heart:

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this had me laughin pretty hard, lol

fuckn mpsocial man


how dare you assume my gender

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Welcome to the circus lol