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Hi everybody!
My name is Monica and I was born into “this” world only this evening. I have to say that my mind is completely blown. I feel like I’ve found the matrix. I’m a heavy researcher and stumbled upon this amazing group while researching Click Bank. I owned a thriving eBay business years ago, and have been looking for a new hustle ever since. I’m look forward too chatting with y’all and soaking in lots of knowledge.


Welcome to MP social! Wait till you get to level 2!

Mind will =


LOL Thanks @wortime
I can hardly wait!


Welcome to the club :sunglasses:



As @wortime said, you will be blown away by the knowledge you cat get from this forum.

Just don’t be lazy and actually read threads and read, read, read and you will be blown away.


Thank you @ian !!


Thanks @Mr.Robot
I’ve been reading and my head hurts from trying to decipher all of this new information. Quick question please…
I found this site through googling ClickBank. ClickBank recommends building websites and blogs and building an audience. Is there something else that I can research to start making money within the next few days? I just need a starting point and I feel like I’m all over the place right now. I was hoping to get started quickly with Facebook, Instagram and twitter…

Thanks so much!


This is never good!

Try to educated yourself as much as possible! Of course you can do learning by doing but then you will also learn from your mistakes and in that case, you will lose money.

If you are aware of that, try to read some more and specialize and concentrate on one thing for now.

After that works, you can diversify and do other things.


You probably won’t make any money for a while. Most of us here have been doing this for a long while. There’s a lot of knowledge to soak up here, but it’ll take time and practice to make a solid income doing anything online.





Understood. Thanks @Mr.Robot


Thanks for your feedback @Connor_Lipke There certainly is a LOT of knowledge to soak up. Back to reading…


Welcome @Atlliving28.

For social media marketing, it’s safe to say this is the most comprehensive place you can be. Probably except ads.

We’re more of organic traffic here.

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone mention ClickBank.

If you want to go the Clickbank + Blog/Review Site route, I’d recommend reading up more about SEO and how to PROPERLY promote yourself to other blogs. Either via commends or guest posting.

It’ll be quite slow in the beginning, but depending on your efforts, it would jump start after a few months.

If you want something quick, do IG+CPI. Very possible to see a few dollars (or a few cents) earnings within a day, even a few hours. Of course, depending on the number of accounts you’ll use.


@kraadnc thanks so much for the advice!! I’m actually leaning away from clickbank now and more towards a CPA network. Not sure what CPI stands for, but I’m off to look it up. Much appreciated!!