Greetings from Birmingham (as I never did it before)


I just realised that I have never properly introduced myself… :see_no_evil: well, here we go.

I live and work in the land of Tolkien, but come from Poland. (I actually can see two towers from my office and about 20 cranes as the city is in standstill due to rapid development.) :mage:

Currently I work for the media agency with clients mainly in sport and hospitality industry, but would love to create my own business when I learn Jarvee enough :slight_smile:

We deal with sports personalities, clothing and protein brands, large events, content licensing, got quite a few apps and games that we package together and sell to mobile networks around the world, but half of that isn’t probably useful here.

So if someone need any tips about:

  • Content production, both photography and videography (I work with big brands and write, manage and deliver subtle campaigns to soften their image, PR stunts or when they are reaching into new territories)
  • Sponsored advertising
  • Content licensing
  • Bits and bobs which I already learnt about Jarvee (I am catching up quickly I think)

or whatever I mentioned above, just let me know. I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

My live plan is:

Get comfortable enough with Jarvee and be able to grow accounts for money -> pay off my house -> rent away my house -> move somewhere warm -> work remotely -> move back to my house when I am too old to withstand tropical climate -> moan for the rest of my live and annoy relatives



Are either of them Fawlty?


Haha, I had to Google that :smiley:

Nope :wink:


Oh, I should have Googled that. It was set in Torquay ( tor-KEE), not Tolkien. I just rewatched the show but I forgot how the town’s name was written. Nevermind.


What I meant is that Birmingham, UK and the surroundings is where J.R.R Tolkien wrote most of Lord of the Rings. The Two Towers, one of his inspirations, are actually quite close to each other and located not far from my office :slight_smile:

Sorry for not being clear enough :slight_smile:


My fawlt entirely.


Welcome your at the right place for your goals, wish you the best of luck with your plan :+1:


Hi there! I would certainly be interested in more knowledge of how agencies handle clients as well as automation or how to quickly get creative work out. I too do quite a bit of photography and video but often find myself working on it for a good amount of time. Any tips to shorten this time are always welcomed!



There is quite a few far better people in here when it comes to automation, but I’m happy to share what I learnt already.

I completely understand how time consuming the content creation is.

It could be wise to open a new thread about the content work I think so everyone can chip in and benefit (if there isn’t one already).

Let me know what questions do you have and I will try to answer them as good as I can.


Welcome to the community a lot of valuable information here.

Just take it easy and you will find a lot of gems.