Greetings from India!

Hey ho,

Been hanging out around the forums for a bit, but finally decided to make an account.
I work in Digital Marketing in an agency catering to marquee clients, but hoping to move to a large tech startup soon. Here to learn and help, of course!

See you guys around!



Hello and welcome. We’re glad to have you here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community. You clearly have the conventional skills required to understand the value and trends of IG, and I feel that what you will learn (and have been learning from your lurking) will really give you an edge at that startup. Congrats!


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Hey thanks Gabe and Adnan! See you guys around!


Where in India are you? I’ve been traveling around, just been through Hyderabad and Bangalore. Currently in Mumbai.

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Currently in Mumbai? Check out Backbacker Panda, best Hostel there.


@dandanflood Currently based out of Bangalore. You’ve come here to travel, or was it work?

Oh I was just in Bangalore last week :slight_smile: Did a presentation at WeWork in Koramangala. I didn’t get a chance to spend enough time there, most of my time going about the city was spent in horrendous traffic :open_mouth:

Nice! My office is within spitting distance from there.

Welcome to Bangalore! At least we always have a good excuse when we’re late!

Oh man it was awful. Two and a half hours in traffic and I left around 11am. Wish someone had warned me beforehand! Haha