Greetings from India!


Hey ho,

Been hanging out around the forums for a bit, but finally decided to make an account.
I work in Digital Marketing in an agency catering to marquee clients, but hoping to move to a large tech startup soon. Here to learn and help, of course!

See you guys around!



Hello and welcome. We’re glad to have you here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community. You clearly have the conventional skills required to understand the value and trends of IG, and I feel that what you will learn (and have been learning from your lurking) will really give you an edge at that startup. Congrats!



Hey thanks Gabe and Adnan! See you guys around!


Where in India are you? I’ve been traveling around, just been through Hyderabad and Bangalore. Currently in Mumbai.


Currently in Mumbai? Check out Backbacker Panda, best Hostel there.



@dandanflood Currently based out of Bangalore. You’ve come here to travel, or was it work?


Oh I was just in Bangalore last week :slight_smile: Did a presentation at WeWork in Koramangala. I didn’t get a chance to spend enough time there, most of my time going about the city was spent in horrendous traffic :open_mouth:


Nice! My office is within spitting distance from there.

Welcome to Bangalore! At least we always have a good excuse when we’re late!


Oh man it was awful. Two and a half hours in traffic and I left around 11am. Wish someone had warned me beforehand! Haha