Greetings from Norway, let's make each other great!


Hey everyone!
I discovered this forum 3 days ago and I was absolutely blown away by the value you beautiful people provide. I keep opening more and more tabs and I’d probably spend my entire day here if I could, thank you!

I’m a 25 year old guy from Norway just about to finish my bachelors degree in communication. Besides my studies I work with Instagram for a non profit. It’s a cause I hold dear that can truly make a lasting impact for people everywhere. My goal is to learn as much as possible to do the best job possible, and also to share and give back whatever I can along the way.

- My experience
Most of my experience is within IG and this is mainly what I’m here for, but I’m always open to learn and share what I’ve learned about marketing and life in general.

- Expectations and contribution
I expect no BS advice and a community of people who make each other the best they can be.

I can contribute with everything I learned along the way, trying to grow organically and reading around the internet. I’ve also recently gained access to a lot of expensive marketing courses through a friend. I can’t share the courses themselves but I do love taking notes so I could share what I learn and find in these courses if that would be of interest? I could also take a request if there is a course of special interest to many and I have time.


Welcome aboard! :grin::grin:


Welcome to the forum! From what I have seen so far we have a good community here, you will definitely enjoy your stay. By the way, I went to Norway a few years ago on vacation, stayed in Oslo for a couple of days, really liked it, will come back again in the future :slight_smile:


Welcome. There are variety of people here with different skill sets so apply your basic common sense and you will advance very fast.


Welcome from Texas :+1::+1:


Thank you, I’ll be staying for a long time! I’m moving to Oslo in a few months when I’m done, glad you liked it!


Welcome aboard! Non profit work is always rewarding when the cause is close to your heart. I love how with instagram you have the ability to reach a wide audience and educate those that are unfamiliar with your cause! Have you used IGTV yet?


Yes! The better I get at IG the more lives I can change, that’s quite incredible! The whole organization is based around creating videos to help people so IGTV is very promising, especially after they integrated it in our feeds. I’ve yet to really study how it can be used efficiently so that’s one of the things I’ll be researching.

Although time consuming it could be interesting to make the first part of the video as a trailer ending with a clever CTA graphic just as IG pauses your video, to really tempt people to watch the full video on IGTV.


Welcome glad to have you on board there is so much valuable information here it is hard to leave haha.


Welcome aboard!

I love the Nujabes profile picture, been listening to his music for a couple years now. :blush:


Thank you! I was hoping someone would recognise it :grin:


Hey man, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I actually lived in Nesoya (1 hour away from Oslo) for about 4 years :wink:


Cool! I live right outside Oslo. How come you left us :broken_heart: ?


I was 8 at the time so the choice wasn’t mine :wink:


Oh man, hopefully your brunost and cross country skiing dna came with you #truenorwegian


Jej snakker ikke norsk & I like polser

Not sure if the spelling is right :wink:


Haha not too bad :grin:

Jeg snakker ikke norsk og jeg liker pølser.

It’s good enough that I clearly understand you but also bad enough that it’s kinda cute