Groups for getting friends?

Are there groups and things where we can get some friends to profiles? I have some good profiles, but they don’t have many friends, and it would be nice to fill them out a bit.

There are the so called "add me fast’ groups or “looking for friends” groups, search for these and you will find a lot. They are not the highest of quality though and definitely not targeted, but they will provide some friends if you need them.

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I basically just want a few more friends to pad the accounts out a bit so they look more real. No one seems to want to friend someone that has 2 friends. :slight_smile:

That is true, then those groups will definitely help, join 2-3 of them, post a couple of post like “looking for friends, add me, i accept anyone” stuff like that and you’ll get plenty requests.

thanks, I’ll check it out and see how it goes.

Hey @wex

It might take slightly longer, but I’d give the add me fast groups a wide berth.

Even with 2 friends, you’ll find friends in your niche quite easily simply by finding relevant groups and searching for members with 3,000 plus friends.

As long as your profile is complete and looks genuine and it appears you share similar interests (based on recent wall posts, etc), many of these people will accept you.

Initially, just be sure to avoid people with small numbers of friends. Someone with 186 friends, all of whom are probably family and close friends, is unlikely to accept you. But anyone with thousands of friends is using the platform for networking in some capacity. WTF has 4,847 friends?

Do this and you’ll avoid bad friends, bad neighborhoods and bad associations.

And it’ll probably help your profiles last indefinitely if you follow up with smart marketing subsequently.

A little patience will pay off.

Good luck