Grow account of a big company

Hello Friends, I had a old account but couldn’t login in my email anymore, so I made a new one.

I have a little problem. Can somebody please help me.

I made a deal with a big company, they want to grow their account, I made the deal before June 2019, before the follow block problems hit JV.

I just finished the deal yesterday and now I have a little problem and I don’t want to lose the deal, they told me they only wanna see growth, how I do it is my choice, I can do everything but follow accounts, they say that will hurt their brand, they have 200.000 (real) followers right now, and I wanna grow their account, before I did the follow/unfollow/stories/like, but what can I do now? it’s a verified account so blocks would appear a little less, but can someone please help me and tell me what they would do in my situation?

Because they are verified, I thought it was a smart idea to comment on viral posts, the moment they get posted (put on notifications etc) but what can I do more?

I know JV isn’t the way anymore, what can I do?

Can someone please help me?

Kind regards

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What’s is the budget of the deal? That particular question will decide which directions you can go and which you cannot or even should not go.

Try different growth methods, there are plenty of, including paid ads, m/s, etc…

4K (Every month)

Can you be more specific please? and should I use automation? (It’s a verified account)

For 4k Every Month,it’s not at all Difficult for a Verified Client in my Opinion.

Here’s what I would do as per your Situation -

  1. Hire a M/S Package for 5-6k Followers,I would suggest a 3k Package if you aren’t running any Ads besides that for the Account.
  2. Hire a Mass Dm Package for 4-5k Followers from a Trusted and Affordable Seller.

It’s very simple,You just need a Trusted,Solid and Affordable Seller if you want 4k Every Month for the Account.Personally I wouldn’t suggest any Automation or F/UF Activity for a Verified Client or else as a minimal case,I would suggest to do very little F/UF and Outreach with a Few Likes Daily so that we get some Followers from this as well.

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you can use salve to mother method it should be effective and not hurt their brand, if they are willing to invest a big budget to you can use ADS as well and even make a big M/S network, you can take that to a high level, is buying followers out of the question?

Either hire someone for DM services and M/S or you can do that with 400-500$ monthly really well. Besides posting 3-4 times a day and liking comments maybe liking photos of some people, people that might have liked your photos and aren’t following you

My advice is MS hire some expert from forum maybe @denis1 can help you with this. But expect the lowest price you will pay is $0,2-0,3 per 1 follower. With 4K/mo budget you can get them 10.000 followers per month and keep great profit for you too, basically for doing nothing.

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For that budget it would be probably smarter to buy shoutouts and other related promotion methods. With that budget automation (at least on the client account). is a big nono. Automation (the common one) on the client’s accounts is a “cheap” way to grow the account. If the client has a good budget, which seems to be the case here, avoid automation if possible.

Take a look at the #public-marketplace and try to stay away from “deals via PM”, those almost always end up in tears and lost money. Make sure the person you are working with has a reputation to lose. Otherwise, you run into the high-risk zone.


Yeah I would agree with HenryCooper, if you have the budget the best way is to use influencers and shoutouts. Jarvee is working but if they don’t want to Follow anyone then you could perhaps try Mother/Child method as well.

buy other big accounts, shout clients out – keep accounts bought – grow all

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yes it have to be real followers

can you please ask your friend to contact me? I’m interested

If your budget is $4K per month on the account growth, do not touch anything blackhat. This stupid for you and your client.

Spend all the money on paid growth on shoutouts/giveaways/collabs. Depending on your niche & account you can get pretty big and fast. 200K -> 1M+ is relatively easy.


that’s the whole problem, shoutouts will hurt their brand, they told me they don’t want anybody to see how they grow, it’s bad for their brand, this brand is almost on like nike level

is their any other option? JV times before June was perfect

Now that’s a power move up my alley. Worth Considering with the budget listed.

Heavily echo this message otherwise. You do the “little” work in finding out the most effective influencer group, & you can stream in loads more per shoutout than automated activities. Keeps everything clean, since you have a clean-worthy budget. Very capable of securing a larger profit than from automated means if going this route.

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Playing devil’s advocate, my response would be to say Nike get shoutouts from every athlete they ever sponsor, and it works.

With 4k a month, we are into the very real possibility of them hiring someone permanently for 2K a month and giving them a 2k ads budget. That would be trackable, have a definite ROI, and be an investment for them in the long run. So that is what we’re up against.

I’m going to echo @Gtamaster, @AfroJack, and @HenryCooper.

I think, if you’re concerned about damage to their brand, you should skip automation and go with trackable ads. Full white hat for a potential high-value and long-term customer.

Screw followers, make them money, then prove it.

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Don’t do Mass DMs for such a company.
They will receive too many negative messages and in the worst case you’ll loose that deal.


Or get sued for brand image damages :smiley: