Grow fast to 10K, Best method (drip followers)?

I have some clients (fashion brands / shops / magazines etc.) who asked me to bring them more followers per month. I usually manage to bring them around 1000/1500 REAL followers per month (settings: max 30 Follows per hour - unfollow happens at the same time so the following stays same over time).

What would be best method? They don’t really care about real or fake followers at this point, they just want to reach 10K followers quickly.

I heard there are some social media services (panel) doing this, like followiz and so on. How do they work? Can somebody share the feedback with me?

At some point I would also love to clean those fake ones, but how do I Catch them if they come mixed with real ones?


What about investing in good content and some payed advertise? :wink:


They are already doing good content and paid advertising…but sponsored posts just bring likes so far! :confused:

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mmm… i don’t want to advice you to buy fake followers, they are hard to remove. :disappointed:

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TIP: Never go for fake followers NO NO NO NO!!
Instead do M/S trick, create some slaves and start redirecting the slave followers to their page.

How to create slaves?
Imagine fashion brand, you have one client “hair stylist”, create slaves in hair nich “perfect hairs” “red hairs” something like this.

If you buy followers IG will notice, it’s super rare, rare, rare, to found good smm with good followers, usually this account’s are chum and burn, IG will ban them fast and will detect you where been followed by them soo it will cut your engagement.

Talk to your companies say it’s normal their grow has a company, the first objetive of their social media is to take their brand to eyes of the world, numbers don’t mather, what’s matter is to show their service their value online! Tell them this!

Do you prefer having 100k faked followers, you can swipe up feature or do you prefer having 5k and boost their sells 200%/300% ??


Hi Hugo, thanks for the tip. I already tried to explain this…but they seem not to understand properly!

What would be the average rate of new followers coming from each slave? and slaves need to send messages (can we do that with datacenter proxies?) If not, the costs will get higher if i use 4g proxies.

I am trying fuelgram powerlikes now…but results are not that great! Should i try something else like engagement groups?

Thanks again for your time!

Did you get good results with paid ads in term of followers? :slight_smile: If yes, how? are you willing to share some advices? Thanks

Yes, i use Faceebook ads create tool. I study the pubblic that i want to achive and the niche to create an adv that perform in the best way. :blush:

Never boost clients with power likes or fake followers, it’s like a drug they get addicted to Social Media result’s that are fake…

Sure this slave account’s can be chum and burn too you can go for private IPV4 proxies, 1/2$ for each and you can put 2 account on one proxy.
IDK how much you charge but be carefull! This method can get great results and depends how many slave account’s you have, slave as pages quality. You can get real big follows with this because you’re using not 1 account to get followers, but x amout of accounts times % follow ratio you can achive.

Example: Main account can get 100 follows per day
If you can achive this % on slave account’s you can get 100+ follows for each slave.
Slaves you maybe see 20/70% of slave follows go to your main so, you can get 20/70 follows per slave. 10 slaves you can get 200/700 follows per day.

Has I said depends on numerous factors. But this is the most famous method to grow cllient accounts and costly.

You should manage their expectations better. At your current pace, they’ll most likely get there in less than 6 months. That’s pretty good as it is.

EDIT: also consider your sources and refine them where you have a 50% follow back ratio. This should be even easier if they truly do have attractive content.

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Actually the best i got is around 30% followback ratio…but over time is goes flat to 10/12/15 %…how do you reach such good followback?

should i follow the last 2000/3000 of each account? what are the best settings when looking for followers? :confused: maybe small accounts < 10k are better?

Some here of have shared good sources, I would try those. Also, look at accounts that are also doing follow/unfollow

Thanks! i will look for it! You mean to target the followers of the account doing massive f/u? since they have followed them, they should follow me if I am in the same niche?? ;D

Yep exactly. But look for accounts that follow you first. Those tend to be the ones that are on the move.


M/S can result in crazy growth but do be weary of the amount of work it requires to both learn and keep going. There’s a reason it’s an expensive service, it’s time consuming and even more so to learn. How many followers are you doing per day? You can get 10k followers quite quickly on 500 follows per day.

About sources the die down, this is natural and the solution is to refresh with new sources.

If your clients really want it, they could grow their account to 10k in a few weeks without any automation, and exclusively working with good content.

1- Scrap posts every day in their niche with crazy engagement
2- Create a custom and engaging caption for each post
3- Create a huge hashtag list (200 or 300) and use dynamic hashtags with the proper mix (we use 60% small, 20% medium, 10% large and 10% huge) on each post
4- Post twice a day (also mix it with their own content where possible)
5- Delete the posts that do not reach your engagement target after some days

Of course, a lot depends on the virality of the niche, but you only need a couple of good pictures to have this Instagram algorithm mojo activated and be promoted more frequently to the top rows for your hashtags. Some of our niche accounts can reach 10k within a month using this strategy. This is a sound organic growth as people are genuinely interested in the theme and do not only respond to a social reciprocity bias like with f/u

The only thing is that your clients may only want to post original content, but tell them that that reposted content can be deleted once they reach their followers’ target.


Do you have any specific times of day that you post where you see higher engagement?

@ctrlprnt , Hey David , a little off topic , but can you Share how you landed/closed those clients.

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hi @Loko , thanks for your nice post! In your experience what actually are the best niche that this method is working well with? same old like puppies,, bikini, motivational etc?

Unfortunately my clients have really serious pages. nothing is allowed beside their posts. If they would publish some other people posts, this would bring their trust at lowest level with public.

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I pretty much did the classic “fake it until you make it”, you need to start somewhere! When I first started I was doing really bad, no knowledge at all, just acting and talking like i could manage well SM for them (first make sure the client is kinda ignorant about the business!! :grin:).

Imagine that first month I just used a free “like tool” on google chrome and I was bringing 2/5 new followers a day, and they were really happy (before they were loosing followers)!

Furthermore I was very lucky to have friends working in the industry, who introduced my the right people who needed the SM service. I think without someone trustful and their intro, is pretty hard to land this kind of clients.

Tip: build relationship with right people or give them shares of your earnings!

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