Grow more faster than 100 followers a day on ig

Hello guys i have a n ig page with 39k i recieve 100 follower a day i want to grow more than this. Plz are there any advices any secrets.
Share your ideas plz with us

Many could tell you here that without additional growth strategy, +100/day is already a nice curve. No matter from where you start, bleeding or not, the reach isn’t the same as it was back in the days.

You basically need to invest a lot (time or money) if you consider growing at scale, fast, on the platform. Game was easy untill june 2019, now it’s kind of “premium” only.

Let’s say that you could probably start doing some F/U from your main account, you would be able to get +30/40 additional, which is a good start for cheap :slight_smile:


yes, 100/day is a good number, you can use automation Follow/unfollow/mass DM’s/comments, and slave to main strategies to grow more, I can recommend Jarvee for that, just make sure to have good proxies and safe settings.

Thank so much for your reply, but the thing that has lot me put this subject is a page in my niche (dogs) which recieves more than 2k a day.we were in 15k followers it is now more than 160k and mine in 39k.frankly that’s surprised me.

Look at the analytics of your competitor, he’s probably using M/S, shout outs or GA anyway

You can’t really compete if you do F/U or ‘posting’ on a daily basis ; traffic isn’t the same

I don’t do F/U maybe it is about trafic but what do you mean by posting on a daily basis plz

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No secrets! Getting 100 new genuine followers daily is not bad. You must have done something right atleast. But here are some inputs.

Here is some ideas to follow.

  1. Get intouch directly with great profiles within your nice and try to engage with eachother. Shoutout perhaps.

  2. Find already existing engagement groups within your niche. Telegram perhaps. Make sure the engagements are genuine and with quality. Spammy engagement can do more harm and eventually decrease your reach.

  3. Pay for shoutouts.

  4. Create your own personal network with several profiles. Try making an army and boost your main.

  5. Do M/S or pay someone good to do it for you.

  6. Subscribe to JV and invest in great proxies, good scrapers and make your own show! This is not cheap but indeed doable still.

  7. Happy New Year :confetti_ball:

Make sure to analyze those followers. 2000K+ a day will NOT be cheap to reach by M/S. Maybe fake followers, drop fed?

And please have in mind, the number of followers really play no rule anymore. If you have million of none engaging followers, your profile is useless. Now none engaging followers does not mean fake followers. Ghost followers can also be real followers who simply isn’t interested in your content. They simply follow you for no reason or too lazy to unfollow.

More importantly, how’s the engagement on the page?

Food for thought:


@tripleyourtribe The headline has me hooked! Is that a level 2+ thread? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I can’t access it.

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Yes it is @EauDeBo, but it leans more towards f/u which op said they aren’t doing. But still, interesting read

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Thank you so much plz can you explain what is M/S

Master/Slave aka. Mother/Child.
You are welcome

Use socialblade or igblade on the account and see whats going on with engagement. It will also show if its consistent growth or not.

You can get big growth from hitting explorer but its not consistent. I have a 155k comic repost account and ot ranges from 200-300 followers a day just posting once a day. Sometimes I hit explorer and get 1000-2000k followers off a single post.

Before the big IG change a few years back I could grow 1000 a day most days posting 2x a day. But, the algorithm is much harder to figure out. Its hit and miss and I don’t care too much about that account to want to figure it out. More into growing other accounts.

Are you reposting viral videos or pictures? Using good hashtags?

I post picture and videos but how can know the good hashtags plz i have 39k and i use 10 hashtags a post

Use 30, there are a few good threads on mp on hashtags. Use the search function

That’s good thank you

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Actually my mistake. Mine grows much more than that. Havn’t checked in ahwile

That’s cool
Share the way you follow bro to get more than 600

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