Grow without follow / unfollow?

Has anyone her tried only using liking and commenting on your sources? I think it could get me more organic following (from twitters recommendation system) and maybe help me fly under the radar.

I’m going to start this with 80 of my Twitter Accounts rn, will keep you updated :slight_smile:

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Interesting theory :slight_smile: So basically you will not follow or unfollow from your main account, you will use slave accounts that you own to do likes and comments on the content of your main account? Did you notice this work better so you want to focus on this or you just want to try if this will give you better organic growth?

yeah, sounds interesting, I will set that on 3 accounts and see how it goes, please keep us updated as well.

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Yeah good theory, now let’s see how will that go in practice :smiley:

Keep us posted please.

Interesting approach. How did it work out?

Did it work well?

I don’t understand Twitter I post adult content and comment on other adult accounts but my video views are very less?