⚜️ Grow Your IG Accounts the Only Safe Way: Mother/Child Method!

I was curious about what is mother child method. thanks for the post.

Some musicians we are working with!

Have a few slots left and then will have to hold new customers! Have some new services I want to learn so need to lower the workload for the team.

Will be off work for the next 5 days on holiday. Clients will run as usual but I wont be replying to messages on here till im back.

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Back in action

Can you DM with with prices?

Messaged you!

Hi I am interested. Can you send over details.

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Replied man. Thanks

Few client results we have running atm!

One more spot available atm! Dm now

Attention: I am currently doing my own lead gen and will end up closing my thread here for good. So, grab your spot now before its too late and you have to settle for something else.

long time no talk man, pm me your rates!

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Yeah its been a awhile haha. Yeah the forums definitely quiet nowadays. I will be closing this thread down soon as I have my own systems in place now for clients.

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Nice - PM me details

Hey guys. This is the final week im selling to agencies. Will be taking this thread down and moving forward with my own thing.

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*This thread is officially closed. For some reason support won’t let me do it until the payed month is done. But I am just stating here that I am spending less time on forums and more time working on the actual business.


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