Growing an account I forgot about

I started my travel account around 4 years ago and managed to grow it to about 5k followers before finally giving up on Instagrams constant attempts to shadow ban me.

I am wondering if there is anything I can do to get the account going again? I have been posting again recently and I get decent reach (10k+) but very few actions are taken (under 100) and almost 0 follows.

I have been using various engagement groups and trying to do SFS but having no luck.

Are there any techniques I can use to help grow this account again?

Remove your ghost followes (those who are not engaging with your content) and slowly grind your way up again.

Many of your followers might be inactive on IG or not know your acc anymore thus not liking the content you post.

It’s weird that you have more than 10k reach and so little actions, are you using relevant hashtags?

Is there a tool to see Ghost followers? I am not currently using any automation at all.

I use travel related hashtags about the area and then some large ones as well. I don’t seem to get any luck with it though. My content is nice, I have sold a fair amount of prints of my best photos. I really just don’t get why it is happening.

Can you recommend a tool for hashtags?

You know it’s funny, I noticed a post that I shared yesterday which had almost 2k in reach according to Insights and got only 75 likes (which is about 300 below average), and I intentionally didn’t use hashtags because I’m trying to determine if my account is being hidden from followers.

It was also a really good photo of a beautiful model, so it had absolutely no reason to do poorly, even with high reach - which is an anomaly to me at least. Somehow most of the views were from non-followers who didn’t engage. My assumption is that people are viewing photos that she is tagged in, probably all automated accounts viewing but not engaging because of filters, which may actually reduce feed exposure. “Ghosts” that aren’t really ghosts, but non-followers spamming uninterested views :thinking: (hashtag conspiracytheories)

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Just start posting again, and do so consistently.

The engagement is likely to suck for awhile, but it should recover.

Saving the long speal about the algo, but it takes time to get picked back up as a normal account, and the same to a then popular account.

Thank you! I am going to try and just wait it out but was wondering if I should maybe introduce Jarvee as a tool to help my growth.

I am really struggling to find info about just using it with the one account and no scrapers, I am a total noob with it all

Jarvee could definitely help if you want to automate these actions that you would do manually. You can use it with one main account without scrapers, it’s up to you if you will use scraper or no. Scrapers are for sure recommended in order to reduce number of API calls done by your main account and to avoid blocks this ways.

Thank you so much! I am setting up a scraper now. Gonna start very small till I get my head around it all

Great, I hope you’ll get there @Another_Traveller :smiley:

start posting regular as @Gtamaster said. I have an account I didn’t post for 2-3 years at 3.5k in March. Now at 35.8k-- posting 5-6 times a day with same set of hashtags since the account was started


nice stuff, you can try some automation on the account and see if you will get better result.