Growing an agency page on Instagram


I’ve recently opened an Instagram page for my OnlyFans agency, but am somewhat stuck at how to actually grow it.

Reels aren’t gaining traction at all, hashtags don’t really work, and promoting it on other pages won’t really help us. We also provide value to our potential customers, such as tips and tricks, did you know?, fun facts, etc.

Any ideas on how to actually gain some organic followers?


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If the goal is to onboard girls that actually are on OnlyFans, you can use a more direct approach. If you’re willing to grow to get some social proof, I would not hesitate buying 10k fake followers and then on top going for organic growth.

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For now, we have enough girls. The goal of course is to onboard more models, but that is a problem for later.

I want the page to be as organic and natural it can be, no fake followers or fake likes as this will only hurt the account and it takes 5 seconds to check the followers/likes are fake.

As someone that runs a modeling page for an Only Fans Agency I can tell you the reason it is not growing is purely social proof. Look around at the agencies these girls are signed with or want to sign with. (Honeydrip, suedetalent, Ignite, etc) This is your competition. These girls are very superficial. I don’t care how good your content is, if you don’t have 100k followers they won’t even look your way. I’m talking models & fans. That’s cute that you are doing trivia and tips, cool, there is a place for that but also know your audience. They are here to see a certain thing. You have to tempt them and hook them on seductive content. Thats enough for now as I’ve spent 4 years building my page. #freefood

Thanks for your input. Can’t argue, valuable information here. Be careful 'cause you almost revealed your methods and you might have helped someone on this forum. #stillhungry

I don’t mind helping. I want those around me to succeed. I can give you the sites I use for engagement and rapid growth as well as some tips on organic sources

That’d be awesome, considering the fact that that’s what I was seeking for in the post: tips from others that succeeded. No one was asking to be spoonfed.

Good luck mate.