Growing IG following 2019

Hi there,

I’m new to the community and have some questions about growing on instagram. I’ve read multiple topics here and found lots of valuable information, however I still have some questions.

I have an account in men’s fashion niche and have been stagnating with my growth last year. The account has 3k followers and was created 5 years ago but never really used until last year.
Haven’t used anything except Telegram engagement groups to boost likes and now looking for a more serious growth strategy. Apart from my main account I also have a small “fan” account created a year ago which I barely used.

  1. After reading through the forum it seems like automating f/u and likes/comments is the best way to go. Is this correct? Is it safe to use in 2019 with recent news about IG’s crackdown on automation tools?
  2. If automation is still the way to go, what settings should I use for Jarvee to balance out efficiency and account safety?
  3. My understanding is that using mother/slave really works for bigger accounts/more experienced Jarvee users. Assuming this, should I just let Jarvee f/u people and like posts through my main account?

Any other tips are very appreciated too. Many thanks.

Usually if you are in the telegram eg group, you should already have 100k+ follower, otherwise I don’t see how you even get into one or is the one you are in even legit.

Your 0-10k strategy imo should be f/uf

Beyond that, then it’s about content quality, engagement group, powerlikes, hashtag research and so on.

How many followers do you have for your account right now?

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By telegram groups I meant very public ones like boostup etc. Nothing where you need to know someone to get access :slight_smile:

I have 3k and was not really taking it seriously, so the profile pretty much grew by those who stumbled upon it and followed. I started using smaller niche hash tags below 100k and have gotten into explore page once since. Looking for other ways to have serious growth.

The f/uf involved quite a lot elements:

  1. Good proxy provider
  2. I assume you didn’t buy the account elsewhere
  3. As for f/uf setting, I would start from 0-50 day one and slowly increase per day with 25-50, until you reach 500. The recent crack down should affect it if you follow the correct steps
  4. Don’t risk using like after follow, the normal f/uf works just fine
  5. Hashtag and account source finding is another story (You can ask @MojoJojo for both the sources and hashtags for a reasonable price)
  6. fahsion is an easy niche, wish you luck

Thank you.

Do I need a proxy if I’m only using Jarvee for one or two accounts?

Then you probably won’t need it. :slight_smile:

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as long as you run it on your computer from your home you wont need a proxy! If you’re looking to run it on a VPS (“Virtual computer”) youll need 1, if not 2 proxies. You could technically run an account off the VPS’s proxy, but usually most are flagged.

Technically, to fully go on the cheap, while going virtual so 24/7 operations is easiest, i’d recomment getting a 1year trial of Amazon’s AWS. Then, buying 2 proxies from a seller online, and running 1 accounts per proxy.

All in all, should be a really affordable run.


Thank you guys, I’ll use my home computer for the initial testing stage and might start using a proxy later on.

I’m thinking to switch to business account to have more details about the engagement, but conflicting reports on changes in engagement confuse me. Some say it lowered their engagement and for some it didn’t do anything negative.

thats a point of debate! I think it’s personal preference.

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So If anyone is wondering the same question(s). Here are the exact steps I’ve been doing since starting this topic:

  1. Updated my bio and profile photo so they better represent what I do. Why? Got inspired by the Instagram Authority course.

  2. Did a test run for f/u automation through Jarvee with my fan account and surprisingly it received quite a good followback ratio but most were not relevant to the niche.

  3. Then I started using f/u for the main account. After almost 1 week I grew exactly 500 followers. This is from following around 1500 people from competitors’ follower list. Ran the Follow action for 2 days, on the third I unfollow everyone who did not follow back. Then the cycle restarts.

  4. Switched to biz account for insights. I’m yet to compare if the engagement gets affected by the change.

Also, my recent post made it to the top 9 of 13 out of 15 hashtags I used, 2 of which being 1 mil+ hashtags. Engagement is not crazy though, so I don’t think I made it to Explore.

I’m running this through my hope PC. In the near future it is likely I will opt for a VPS though.

Hope this helps someone.


Hi Mate, I was in the same situation as yourself. I started a mens fashion account you can check it out at @fashionbi anyway. It started with 2k followers which i slowly built up over time.

The one thing that you really have to do is be consistent. Thats key, whether it be posting on a daily basis or having a good automation process in place.

What happened with this account was that i would always stop and start with working on it.

It maxed out at 1600 like a post back in November 2017 but then i got lazy and would stop posting, then start back up and then stop again.

As you can see i havent touched it since August 2018. And once you go for periods without posting your engagement drops, and once IG sees no one is liking your posts they show it to less and less people.

Social Blade shows that in May 2018 the account actually had 14k followers but it now sits at 12.8k so i have lost well over 1k in followers from inactivity. But on other accounts i have gone dormant for the same period and have gained 4k follwers albeit a different niche.


Thank you. Yes, I had the same issue with barely posting anything towards the end of last year but starting this year I post something every other day. Considering that all of my content is original, I can’t post more often than that yet without compromising post quality. I also subscribed to Jarvee, so automation strategy got consistent too.

Just switched to business account and my latest post had 6488 impressions, 5800 of which came from Hashtags. It was posted 10 hours ago. Didn’t really expect that the vast majority of impression would come from hashtags. When you hit explore page, does it also say that the impressions came “From hashtags” in Insights?

Follow/unfollow to 20k-50k or so. Then make a whitelist of who you actually want to keep following, and unfollow anyone you don’t to keep numbers under 500 or so. Then use mother slave to grow further. The general public sees big accounts and are like “o cool a big account, I’ll follow” especially when they’re not following many people, so mother/slave works really well at that point. Both methods need quality content though. I’m doing both at the same time on my personal account with 54k followers.


Just to clarify, you mean using the follow/unfollow strategy until my number of followers reaches 20-50k, correct? Until then I should only unfollow those not following me in return. Then after reaching 20-50k I should also unfollow those who followed me back too except specific people I want to keep. Correct?

Yes, I understand the importance of quality, hence why I’m not posting every day. I am considering adding some “lifestyle” type of photos though to use as filler content. Obviously the quality of those would be high too, they just wouldn’t feature me but rather contain separate clothing items, books etc. I could throw these occasionally between my photos featuring full fashion looks. This way I could post more often, maybe even every day.

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You can do either or. For a while I only unfollowed those who didn’t follow back, but that gets me capped pretty easily because I’m gaining 100+ followers a day from follow/unfollow. But yes, that’s what I meant! I plan on making a white list very soon and unfollowing a ton of people.


Do you do follow and unfollow on separate days (i.e. only follow on Monday, then unfollow on Tuesday) or mix up both within the same day? I’m guessing separating is safer but mixing up looks better in analytics.

I do it all on the same day. 700-1000 daily for each typically.


Thanks. I guess I’ll do the same but won’t be running both simultaneously.

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