Growing in a tough niche ("running")

Hey everyone,
so I wouldn’t consider myself a guru at all when it comes to IG growth. I know certain facts, but nothing special to figure out how to especially grow in a really tough niche when you aren’t a female. It’s the ‘‘running’’ (sports) niche.
I have managed to grow accounts in certain niches, but I have never ever managed to grow my personal account in the running niche.

there are especially two accounts that are making it happen though
I’ll just tag them:
@berte.bob who just in the last month or so managed to often be in my explore page and he is also growing pretty damn solid at the moment.
@alexanderholmblad who used to grow about 16k followers in a month (which is extraordinary in the running niche)

Something that I have realized is that they post similar content: videos of them running fast.
it would be cool if that is the secret, but when I post this kind of content it definitely gets a great amount of views, but almost no followers in return.

Are you guys realizing something that I might be not seeing? I’d love to get your opinion on that!


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They’re probably using M/S and/or shoutouts to grow. What are you using to grow in addition to posting?

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mostly concentrating on hashtags and back in the day f/uf. The problem is that I’ve tried a lot of things.

fb ads

and nothing worked. But I haven’t quite put too much effort into m/s so far.

I have check shoutouts as well as m/s but couldn’t quite find anything. Shoutouts are not effective at all in the running niche. The big accounts in the niche have max a 1% ER

I’ll start from now to do a test to really focus on daily posting with viral content and good hashtags.
Powerlikes are not quite stable anymore in 2020?

I think power likes can get you on explore and ranking in hashtags. I think M/S if you explore it a little more will be great

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From what I’ve read, I recommend you to spend more time into your audience research.

Do some manual work for at least few days and even consider using something like the $1,80 strategy from Gary Vee. Of course it’s not scalable and time consuming but that way you will get a feeling where the most engaged users in your niche can be found and you can still grow with good numbers in that time. Every niche has highly engaged users, for one niche they are easier to find for the other niche it’s harder, but they are always there. Just gotta find them!

After doing this for few days or weeks you will know which content works and which sources you have to use to get it in front of the right users. After that you can scale up with automation, ads, m/s, etc.

Any method will work when you know exactly how to target you audience.

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love that. thanks legend!