Growing Instagram Model Profile

Hello Guys,

Would like to grow an instagram model account.
We are considering to spam her latest post on multiple fashion accounts with at least 1M followers.
The account during shootout will be locked.

do you think it’s a great method for growing?

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what do you mean by “the account during shoutout will be locked”

shoutouts can be very effective for getting a lot of followers in a short amount of time but don’t produce consistent long term growth

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I think he means the account will be private during and after the shoutout. He maybe wants to increase the follow back ratio by increasing the interest of people to see more stuff of the model which I think is a great idea! Thank you for the inspiration!

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another method I want to share is use some app like tinder then connect model instagram profile. buy a gold member (or not) and see what will happen


Many big pages have been doing that, but i don’t think they are doing that anymore tho (correct me if iam wrong)

I think you will lose time and money. Better stick to FU or MS

If shoutouts are easily accessible, sure why not. If not, I’d rather spend my time setting up f/u and m/s for long time steady gain.

Shoutouts are easily accessible if you find the right influencers, but the engagement resulting from that is not ideal. If possible, I would recommend f/u & m/s for long term growth.

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For engagement M/S is really good, because it filters out the really interested people. Otherwise they wouldnt follow the mother.

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Agreed, that way you guarantee that you have only followers interested in your content

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