Growing manually and action blocks

I’m trying to grow my account manually but I think Instagram hates me.

My main photography account (10k) was banned in October, I don’t know the reason as at that moment I was only doing manual actions. Once I logged in from my laptop and boom, “your account has been disabled”.
No way of getting it back, tried with appeal forms everyday, with FB business support and all.

I had another account (1.5k) which I used for my personal pics (travel, friends, etc) which now I turned into my photography account, as I need to network.

Both were connected to the same FB account, I used them on the same devices and Wi-Fi.

I started doing manual actions on the account I have now and after two days doing them I get “Try again later” when I try to follow/unfollow (not with likes). With no time frame, just try again later.

I’m wondering if my ip, devices, Facebook or phone numbers are flagged; and if I will get this no metter how many accounts I create, or if I wanna start completely from scratch… any advice?

I’m thinking about changing my home Wi-Fi IP, getting a new phone and phone number, email as well, and avoid connecting it to Facebook. Would that help?

Thank you in advance to anyone who will enlighten me :rofl:

No need to change phone number or e-mail, or disconnect it from Facebook.

Stop using WIFI, enable data (4/5G) and have some fun :slight_smile:

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I also think that accounts are somehow linked in terms of trust score but I don’t think you need to start from scratch. Just lower you actions since your accounts seem to be flagged. Also you shouldnt even do lots of actions on your main accounts so you may do M/S instead. Its way safer and you can scale better.

As @denis1 said, just turn on mobile data is the easiest way. You also may consider changing your phone since you IMEI can also be flagged.

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At the moment it gives me the “Try Again Later” also on mobile data :disappointed:

Thank you! How do I do M/S manually?

If you don’t have a static IP, once you restart the router, you will get a new IP.

Try to clear app data and reinstall it.
Log in on account and start warming up with hourly limits etc.
Also using an LTE connection will help here.

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I tried all that, still blocked on follows :sob:

I will try changing my static IP indeed, even though my provider requires that I switch off the router for 24/48h in order to change IP.

I have no idea why people still do Follow / Unfollow on main account

Are we living in the dark ages?

1 action block can get you a 2 week shadowban and your reach can get rekt for a long time…

Manual or no manual, if you are following 150-200 people per day you will get blocked at some point

Maybe we should just follow 1 people per day… guarantee won’t get any action block

People do it because it still work and there are not many options we have. It’s not effective as advanced promotion methods DMs, MS but it brings results that are enough for some people 400-700 new followers per month, but as the account grow bigger you need more powerful service.

Soon DMs will not be effective, but F/UNF will be always live :stuck_out_tongue:

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What makes you say that?

Many DMs which are sent, are hidden.
The shared profile or photo is not clickable.

Oh yes, Mass DM I agree with you will get nerfed to hell.

But DM to people who Follow you? Hard for IG to patch in my opinion

no its not about you , ig hate everyone who using jarvee lol
Just keep slowly to follow, like something using api action.
the important thing is if you want to avoid block or ban you should manually all action

That’s great, but if you are running hundreds of accounts? :smiley:

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bro that’s is your choice. to be or not to be this is the question lol
You can’t have both fish and bear’s paw
We should know this point …cheer

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There’s always a risk/consequence involved, so yeah, you can have it done manual but it’s tedious, OR you should find the right spot when using automation and it will involve a lot of testing.

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