Growing on Instagram: M/S / M/C, Mass Story Viewing and/or something else?!

Hi Folks,

the last couple of days I did a lot of reading and research to find the best way for growing my Account.

Account Info:

  • Niche: Travelblogger
  • Followers: Currently around 1800 (was around 2100 but recently removed a lot of ghost Followers for better Hashtag ranking)
  • Got shadowbanned due to an Actionblock because of too much (manual!) comments (even though I did my best not being spammy and providing valuable Comments).
  • Main way to grow: Commenting recent Posts in relevant Hashtags and targeted Followers of Competitors. Horribly time consuming!
  • Posting twice a week with valuable Captions and 30 Hashtags (I know once a day should be minimum for a reasonable Growth but I simply don’t have the time for keeping up the Contentquality in this Frequency)
  • Audience: German speaking
  • Random amount of Stories

What I am going to try grow as a daily routine:

  • Trying to be more consistent with stories
  • Better Hashtag research (I will give Hashtastic a try) and more playing with the number of tags as well. I feel like the Shadowban could have been also caused by continuously using 30 Hashtags. Any recommendations on how much Tags to use?
  • Commenting on new Posts of Competitors as fast as possible to attract their Audience
  • Comment on the the 9 top Posts of relevant Hashtags
  • Taking an hour in the morning and evening to comment (valuable!) on recent Posts in relevant Hashtags
  • Targeted manual “Mass Story Viewing” on some of my Competitors Followers
  • Maybe a very little bit of F/UF (I honestly have a very bad feeling about that. I am pretty afraid of getting shadowbanned again)
  • Thinking about Shoutouts but not sure about that. I am not that type of a person who likes to go to bigger ones and beg for a Shoutout, even if I am going to pay for it. Paying for one on the Internet might be a thing but I have a hard time finding one with a German speaking Audience in my Niche.
  • Liking some Posts of people who do Shoutouts for people that where liking a lot of their pictures. They usually do “thank you” Posts in their Stories which is a kind of Shoutout too.
  • Engaging with my existing Audience (I have an ER of around 37% which seems to be pretty good to me)

I am hoping to grow about 10-15 Followers a day using this daily routine. I think that might be pretty realistic.

My goal initially was to grow like 30 Followers a day which would be 15 more. But I have to admit that looking into the future the time I can spend on that will most likely be less than now. That is why I was looking for some alternatives. I don’t want to start botting for commenting, likes etc. on my main Account because I am too afraid of loosing it (I used Combin for a few months until the automation crackdown last year) so that is not an option. Also bought Followers, Likes, Engagement or even Engagement Groups are nothing I want to use.

From what I read, the following two would be my best options Mass Story Viewing or M/S (M/C). If you have any other recommendation, please let me know!

Mass Story Viewing:

  • I have a pretty bad feeling to this method
  • Is this really the big new thing after the automation crackdown which also made M/S a bit harder?
  • Is this really effective?
  • Is it safe to use atm? (As I said I am really afraid of Shadowbans or Account termination)
  • For me it really seems like it is just a matter of (short) time for IG to log this suspicious behavior and lock it down. I mean who would ever watch 1+ Million Stories a day?!
  • If that’s really a thing you would recommend. Which tools or services could you recommend? Do I need VPS, Proxies etc for that as well? Pretty sure I need it for M/S.

M/S / M/C Method:

  • Seems to be the best for me
  • Little to no risk for my main Account
  • From what I have read around 5 Slaves should be enough to get me around 15 additional Followers
  • But I am unsure if it is still possible to do due to the automation crackdown?!
  • I read about people having great results using this method but they also experiment a lot with their automation settings
  • Furthermore it seems like aged accounts that were warmed up (seems to be a point where you also make a lot of mistakes) are a must and proxies, vps, automation software, … are needed as well. Also a lot of playing around with the automation settings in order to not getting all slaves banned seems to be very important. From my understanding this will be very time consuming as well and only be cost effective if you are doing it in a way bigger scale than I intend to.
  • That is why I am nearly convinced that I need a service which does the job for me. As my target audience is german speaking, the slaves should be set up in German, shouldn’t they? Is there any trustworthy Service or Person you could recommend to me for doing the M/S Method for my Account at a reasonable Price? Quality is most important for me. I would rather accept getting less followers as promised than having them filled up with bots or fakes. That is why I am really looking for trusted people/services.

Thank you so much for reading and your advice!

Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors, I am not a native speaker.



Great post, im doing one similar!

Im interested in finding out if mass story still works, ive heard if you write a good CTA and put your profile to private the results are a lot better, but im yet to try it so let us know!

Thank you!

There seems to be a Serviceprovider for that on another Forum with some special Focus on Social Media Marketing. Seems like he brings some great results for half a year now and has a positive reputation.

I contacted him and ask some questions. I will let you know what he came up with if you are interested.

The problem I see with putting your profile to private with all of those methods is that I know how I behave if someone is Private. If I am interested I will send a Follow request and usually unfollow when I checked him out. I don’t think seeing long term Engagement and growing this is what you want because those people most likely simply forgot to unfollow or do not care but will never engage

Yeah, and when you set it to private, people can’t share it through DMs and stuff like that… And according to @Alexnvo (who has plenty of experience in growing accounts btw) a lot of engagement comes from that source.