Growing organically 500+ follower a day - post reach stays low

Hi everyone,

I am growing through reels a lot since a few months now, but my feed post stay the same reach. I don’t get it. I am at 60k followers now, but my reach fluctuates around 8-11k from home. Content is the same (my personal influencer/content creation account). Two weeks ago I had a boost for two days and reached 18k from home, then it dropped again. My followers are all from the US ( but I’m based in Germany).

Does anybody know what I can do? Story views are high and engaging, thousands of poll clicks etc. - so I basically tried everything. So frustrating.

Thanks a lot in advance

All the best

You’re just manually doing those actions, without automation?

Was it always like that or is this new? are you posting using hashtags and tags and other stuff or you just post normally? you can try and mix/change things/posts a little bit and see how it goes.

Im manually uploading, so no f/uf or anything shady. Just growing organically through posting my own produced reels.

Trying to reach my followers from home but the reach is super low from home (8-10k)

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Yes, no automation or anything shady. It’s an influencer account