Growing YouTube with Instagram Ads

Heyy Wassup Everyone,

I love to create videos and share them on YouTube. It’s been a month since I’m trying to grow my Youtube. Recently my one friend suggested me to promote my videos through ads on Instagram but if we promote some content and we say that we need website traffic the website opens on Instagram browser itself. So when I promote my YouTube videos instagram plays it on their browser and nobody has logged in to youtube on Instagram browser… So I’m getting views on my videos but not gaining any subscribers not even likes and comments. I am only getting views that’s it.

Can anyone help me with it ?
Can we directly skip Instagram browser without clicking those 3 dots and doing it manually…

Hope you guys will help me…

Thanks :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Its impossible to get ppl out of IG with any kind of links - you would need them to copy paste them into their own browser but nobody does that.

I’d suggest you to try shorts. I see lots of ppl having crazy success with this.

I have uploaded 6-7 shorts and I’m disappointed. My Full videos get more views than shorts.

I’m Getting 10-30 views on shorts !!

Is there any problem in my YouTube channel?
Or is that normal?

People upload single video and get 1k-2k views but I’m only getting 50-150 views. Till now i have uploaded 15 Full videos and 6 shorts and my total views count 1.1k 🥲.

I’m not an expert in shorts, but it can depend on many things like content, account quality, tags, frequency. I’ve seen people growing shorts channels from scratch by posting up to 7 videos per day. Maybe you should post more to see what kind of content works and also try to repost similar content from your niche to send people to your main account.

Heyy Do you think watchtime from YouTube shorts is counted in monetization requirements?? Or i need watchtime on my full videosa?

As far as I know you can not monetize shorts videos yet

Yes, I think you’re right.

@Jaha Thanks jaha :sparkles:

@Eleoen thankyou so much for your suggestion… I will now try to post more yt shorts.

But if anyone has any other ideas to grow YouTube channel. Please Share :relaxed:

Waiting for responses…

And thankss mp social team. This forum is great :wink:

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