Growth hack instagram

i’ve just stumbled upon thisin BHW and wanted to share it

source :

I recently paid for an Influencer Advertisement in the form of an “instagram story tag”

& I recently noticed what you’ll see below in this picture:

The “mentions in story” is a permanent notification above all others, for the whole time the story is posted, a new update.

How can this benefit you?

Story tagging may be the new wave.

You could use tons of BHW marketplace software to scrape usernames (etc.) To build a large database within your niche, and use the software to tag multiple people in your stories daily directing them to your profile, and use a few hashtags to hit top posts since you’ll be getting tons of traffic from the tags to your story (2 birds with 1 stone)
Obviously “curiosity kills the cat”
So that big notification of your story tag will bother them until they click it, and they’ll go down the spirit of actions you send them down (CPA, brands, etc)


On the one hand, I see this as potential for M / S accounts, but not for major accounts.
You can make a lot of requests from marked people.

Your account can get banned quickly.

It also depends how many people you can mark in history.

Of course, you can cover these markings with a gif
but some people can be angry that you mark them and report you.

These are just my thoughts.


yep agreed i would not risk a mother account but i may use it on M acct to drive engagement by tagging those fans who likes w.e you poste
and for hiding no need you just put one finger pressed and zoom in with the other so you make it small then push it out of the screen if you want it to dissapear

As I see it this is just another hack like buying tons of mentions. Quite spammy if you tag too many accounts and you need to tag thousands of people to get follows. This one seems slightly better though as you can hide how many people you have tagged.

But if your funnel is good and many child’s doing this it could be worth it.

especially if you post lot of story on account you don’t care about growing them as they just send traffic to the main

well i think the hack as core its cool but we always have to add our own touch and hack the system in a legit way and i’ve got already many ideas to implement this and can’t wait to see the resulte

how can we mention users? i couldnt see it

when posting story click on the sticker icon then you find mention and localisation n more

If you ever tried to comment and tag people all the time you would have noticed that you run into problems. People will report you and you will get banned or temp blocked

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ofc its obv its not something that you can use as it is but you have to show creative side