Growth of IG through Bots

Good night friends.

I mapped out a planjemanto to better explore my insta profiles.

1st Buyacss Accounts .com (Could I buy gmail accounts, to save money, and make instagrams on hand?)

2nd Buy a bot from (Do you recommend someone else?)

^ Above line edited by Henry Cooper. Reason: I actually spend some time researching on that 'unknown' website. According to a lot of BHW reviews its crap and since it has no sales threads anywhere... it is hard to actually find out how crappy it really is. If anyone dislikes what I did here please let me know and I will reverse it.

3rd Scratch these accounts using clean IP (Did you really want to know if this expense is needed?)

4th Place to run in any VPS.

Is this strategy good?
Where can I get better?


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I’m curious - what is the point of this thread? Are you making a journey thread? Are you asking a question?

I recommend you read around the forum. There is a plethora of information that will help you…

I would like to discuss whether it is really a good strategy or whether there is room for some improvement.

Do some research about bots. I tried them all:)

At the moment i only use Jarvee. A bit more expensive then most other bots, but you pay what you get.




+1 for Jarvee. - It’ll have everything you need. It’s worth the expense. I wasted months tinkering with followliker etc but Jarvee is exceptional. Just get it.

Don’t forget your proxies! - If you’re using 1 account then home ip should be fine. If not… heard a LOT of rave reviews of @HenryCooper’s Insta proxies. Not tried them myself but have heard enough good reviews to recommend them by ‘proxy’ HAHAHAHA - I’ll see myself out.


All packages have basically the same functionality in Jarvee?

Yes, even with the smallest package you get all the amazing fucntions.

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Great! Thanks!