Growth strategy after the new follow limits


The new limits imposed by the 30/6000 theory could change strategy.
As for the activity of F / U, the first thing to do is to try to increase the followback ratio, but for those who already had a high percentage (40/60%) there will certainly be a reduction of followers from F / U (before I did 400/500 operations a day - tomorrow maybe under 200).
Besides the likes, and excluding mother / slave that takes a long time before assimilating it and putting it into practice, what is the immediate alternative method that you will use as soon as the account will be unlocked to get the numbers you did?


180 f/u daily, 180 likes daily, 30 story views, browser experience, like like 10-30 comments

when you hit good fbr you can make with this stats 50-100 followers daily for your clients without m/s


thank for sharing this info bro that’s similar to what i use :smiley: its doing great


@alossra Man you are spamming all the topics :joy::joy::joy:


sorry tho if you think im lol i’ve been online on MP for more than 10h straight today check out my posts helping too many ppl tho ,i even get help requests on my DM’s
can it get better than that
there’s no more issues to fix! and i can’t help the addiction ,waiting for new issues to fix

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@danielschkolnikow are you separating the f/u ?8h follow 8h unfollow?


yes bro, 7 hours nightmode, unfollow from 6:30 to 11:30 am and 11:45 am to 10:00 pm follow

175-195 daily


Thanks man. Do you recommend anything for shifts on raw mobile proxies, when doing the mother slave method ? 1-5 accounts per proxy


for slaves i would use DC proxys, because there a just slaves and it would be much cheaper :man_shrugging:


@asfgagasga from @HenryCooper ?


40-60%? I would think 20-30% is a good day. How do people get 40-60%?


What do you mean by browser experience?


he means Full Browser Experience option in jarvee/mp


Thanks. I have seen it in Tools but never used it. I guess i’ll need to use Search here to find out more.


I’ve been playing with the intervals in Jarvee more since the new follow limit to see if I can hone in on higher activity time more accurately for a higher fbr. Too early to tell anything definitive yet, but I think the new follow limits can be a great opportunity to dial it in to keep providing great results while the diy services and more passive managers can’t produce the same results anymore. I’ve been using it as a sales pitch the last couple of days.