Growth Suddenly Dropped

I have been running an instagram page in “fashion” niche since November 2019. I managed to gain 28000 followers in 3 months (About 800 followers a day on average).
I have noticed huge engagement drop after switching from business profile to personal profile yesterday (Gained only 150 followers today, when i used to grow 600-1600 a day). Any suggestions what i can do to improve my reach? Thank you.

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Did you actually switch from business to personal or did you mean to say the opposite (personal to business) cause i thought engagement usually drops when switching from personal to business and not the other way around?
Also was there any specific reason why you wanted to switch?

No, i switched from business to personal.

Not really, was just messing around with instagram.

Switching back and forth between personal and business account is never good, but I guess you learnt your lesson :slight_smile:

Regarding your question about a possible solution: I don’t think there is any “quick-fix” however I would personally keep on posting HQ content along with proper hashtags and hope for the best. I’ve had this happen to one of my accounts as well, and just waiting worked for me.

Best of luck + congrats on 28k in 3 months

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe Zach is telling you to get back to business account “to get your growth back” and put the money on ads. But switching biz->personal or vica versa once or multiple times, as i heard is just pain in the ass = lowered reach, discoverability and it’s the main goal to make you think that ads might fix it… :smiley:

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I have just switched back to business. Lets see what happens :thinking:

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This right here sums it all up. IG is a paying platform now if you want to reach out. Switch back to Bussiness spend some money on ads and that should after a while help you grow your engagement back.

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… and that should after a while decrease your reach and think that you have to spend more… :smiley:

I hate agreeing with you twice! STOP IT :stop_sign: :joy::joy:


Hello, I know this is not directly related to your request for help. But I was wondering if you could share some insight into how you achieved such a large number of followers in such a short amount of time? Thanks!

ER took a nose dive starting Sunday-Monday. You just switched at a downturn in the feed. Wait a few more days-2 weeks it will go back up. It won’t matter what type of account you switch to - it will get hit. Just wait it out – post as usual.


Nothing automated, fully manual organic growth. Just good content.