Guest Posting vs News articles

Hello everyone,

I want to get verified on social media platform but want to do it myself. I came across guest posting as way to get onto reputable sites.

Is there a different between guest posts that show that they are not sponsored and posts written by someone else on the blog?

I think it’s more about the domain authority in the first place. The higher the authority the better.
But since the prices for verification can be up to 5 digits I can imagine that you need to be posted on really high da pages which isn’t cheap.

Guest posting is okay, however you need featured posts that talk about you and your brand. These are usually very expensive, if you want to publish on some known and reputable sites. Don’t bother posting on some low quality sites.

As the others have said - quality of the site and reputation is highly important.

If it is simply something you have drafted yourself, it is unlikely to have much of an impact.

What they more so look for is content ABOUT you, or your team, written by OTHER REPUTABLE SOURCES.

This can be a news article, blog, publication online, feature in a magazine, interview, podcasts, billboards - all of that sort of content

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Thanks Sam_Lucas for sharing, I totally agree with you regarding this.

I have actually found some writers that will do guest posts on tier 1 and tier 2 publications for me. They will be featured articles which do not show that its promoted.