[GUIDE] [2019] Create Bulk Captions & Hashtags for Instagram Mass Posts

I’ve been using this strategy to create my captions lately and its been helping me schedule out 100’s of posts at a time and has been a super time saver… Since I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasen’t for this forum, I thought I’d share this trick with you guys… Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

We will be creating a spintax for captions and hashtags.

  1. Open a new notepad.

  2. go to https://www.all-hashtag.com/ to get our list of hashtags.

  3. Type in your niche, for this example we’ll use: dogs.

  4. Copy the tags in the first list to the clipboard.

  5. Paste them into the notepad “ctrl v” and add a space after the last tag.

  6. Continue copying and pasting the tags until you have enough ( dont forget to add a space after each set you paste into the notepad.

  7. Select one of the " #" in the notepad and press “ctrl c” to copy it and then press “ctrl h” to open replace…

  8. Replace the " #" you copied with “| #” and hit replace all. Your notepad should now look like this.

  9. Now add a “}” at the very end and a “{” at the beginning of the tags, then go through each line and delete one"|" and replace it with “}{” to set the amount of tags for the spinner to choose from. Like so. Hint I just choose to add the “}{” at the end of each line to make it easier…

  10. now your tags should look like this…

  11. Now you can add “[COMMENT]” above the tags to post them in the first comment (jarvee), then create the caption… Here is an example of the completed caption with hashtags (Replace the word “emoji” with real emojis).

Now you can bulk upload this caption to all of your drafts in Jarvee and schedule content out so you can focus on your settings.

If you guys have any thing to add to this guide please post it down below… Thanks!!

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How does it go about (shadow)banned hashtags? Does it leave them our didnt experience anything bad from it

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If your niche is notorious for banned hashtags or you know of some (we all know IG bans tags for reasons unknown to some), use the find tool or replace tool to search for them in the tag set and delete it and the space in front of it.

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Don’t want to sound rude, but this is just inefficient. Jarvee already has a Dynamic Hashtag option that can even add two categories of hashtags with a different percentage. That is even more helpful when you want to place let’s say 20% of big hashtags (for ex. 1m+ posts) and 80% smaller hashtags, which will help you pass different hashtag thresholds with the posts that you want to rank. It can also randomize the number of total hashtags in each posts. And everything without the need of a spintax.

Edit: Additionaly, with that simple spintax for the caption of the post you are just risking getting empty caption posts after 20 posts.


I did not know about the dynamic hashtag feature in Jarvee… thank you for this. The spin taxed caption is just an example of one you can use and how to actually do it.

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Yeah, you can exploit the s**t out of the Dynamic Hashtags. Probably one of the features that saved me the most time and brought me the highest number of post impressions. Try to scrape hashtag info from Jarvee and then split them accordingly, you can see some great results if executed well.

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Thank you for the post! I’ve been trying to figure out how to write spintax for captions and this was really helpful!