[GUIDE] [2019] Create infinite BIO for Instagram Mass Acc


  1. Excel (or whatever software with .csv/.xlsx )
  2. https://thesaurus.yourdictionary.com/
  3. Notepad

Phase 1 – Nouns and Adjectives – use https://thesaurus.yourdictionary.com/

We will create random, funny Bios that have extended applicability to various types of accounts. You will figure out what you should put there based on your niche.

1.1. Make a row with nouns like this:


1.2. Make a row with adjectives:

1.3. Press the bottom right corner of the cell with the first Adjective and drag down:

1.4. The result should look like this:


1.5. Select the rows, right click and copy the results to a notepad file:

1.6. The result should look like this:


1.7. Now you have to eliminate those spaces between the words so:
-> Select the space with the mouse: http://prntscr.com/o11ut3
-> Right click and copy it: http://prntscr.com/o11uo4
-> Edit: http://prntscr.com/o11uwn
-> Replace…: http://prntscr.com/o11uz5
-> Find what: paste that space: http://prntscr.com/o11v56
-> Replace with: click in the box and hit the spacebar one time (basically you are replacing all that space with a single space: http://prntscr.com/o11v9r
-> Replace all: http://prntscr.com/o11u4p



1.8. Select the text and copy it in a new Excell file and repeat the sequence for all those nouns and adjectives


1.9. Go back to the first initially Excel file and delete the first column:


2.0. Repeat the whole process till you get this:


2.1. Select the whole rows -> copy – paste to the notepad file: http://prntscr.com/o123i9
-> Select the space with the mouse: http://prntscr.com/o123wt
-> Right click and copy it: http://prntscr.com/o123z6
-> Edit -> Replace: http://prntscr.com/o1242a
-> Find what -> paste that space: http://prntscr.com/o124cz
-> Replace with: click in the box ->put a dot “.” + a space like this: http://prntscr.com/o124pv
-> Replace all: http://prntscr.com/o124vj



2.2. Select and copy back to the Excel and voila you have a full mini batch ready to use for mass account creation where you can select the Row and just Copy - Paste it to the Bio field in Instagram account.


You can play with it, for example you can go to point 2.0 and randomize the order and the result will be different.


Or instead of the dot you can use emoji or other punctuation to make it looks nice:


And so on… Just randomize as much as you can and try to make it look rational.



Awesome, thanks for sharing!
Or you can just write bio spintaxes for every niche, that way you have the account profiled correctly from the beginning and don’t have to reprofile. Might help for trustscore, but definitely will save you some time and struggle later on!


Agree. The thing with the spintax it’s that you have to copy paste the results in a doc and this is time consuming also. Or you can use one that can give you the spintax already extracted but those are limited. Nevertheless it’s a good alternative, but I fancy mine more and I find it more versatile and flexible.

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Woow! Thanks for sharing :scream::heart:

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Welcome, if you need help with it, just hit me in private. Glad to help

Thanks for the helpful guide! :pray:

I also wrote something like this few weeks ago with a different approach.

Just wanted to say that I personally never pasted my Bio results in the actual Bio. I don’t know on what Instagram is looking at, but pasting the Bio is something a normal user wouldn’t do most of the time. I prefer writing the result in the Bio field manually. Or when someone wants to do it with a custom bot it, I think it’s the best when it gets read out from the Excel file and then typed in the field instead of pasting it. But also can be that this isn’t something Instagram is caring about.


Welcome @roy I’ve missed yours but I am keeping an eye on your activity since I saw that you provide quality content and approaches and I like your implication in the forum.

I think definitely has some + points if you type it vs if you copy paste it but since I am doing mass creation, I don’t care that much for the trust score but on quality accounts, I think it’s better to paste it.

This! Don’t copy paste it but type it or with a custom bot emulate the typing.


Hi Bro Tbh i don’t think instagram cares if you copy past it or write it
Personally just copy past the Bios and I’m Doing well with it in the end everyone is free to do what he want i hope it’s really worth it and has a better Outcome to type it because otherwise that would be a lot of unnecessary work that you do!
Thanks For sharing ,i might be wrong but that’s Just an opinion!

@tobiyox @roy

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Thanks for sharing!
Do you mass create the Accounts within Jarvee?
I usually get the responses „upps something went wrong“ that is why I do everything manually on a phone or browser


it’s never a good idea to create accounts on jarvee!
they don’t last longer even if you successfully Create them ,Doing it manually is your best bet I guess with your access permissions there’s some tutorials there as you’re a Regular!


Thanks for this method bud! Gonna give it a shot for sure. :pray:

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It might work better with typing it but you don’t know 100%

Yes, we just shoulda/coulda/woulda with this but, who knows exactly. From a rational standpoint of view, it’s humanly to type it but it’s not uncommon to copy paste it so who knows…

No, I am creating it within browser. If you receive that error, most likely you are leaving some footprints

Agree, I’ve created some using mobile proxy, some worked some not. I prefer creating it via browser, manually.

Amazing method, sir!

I was using https://www.fakepersongenerator.com/Index/generate, as it generates totally random bios. It works like a charm!

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Great share @mrspuf! :pray: Love to see this kind of content being posted

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Thank you. Yes, the generators work as well but I like to have more flexibility and unicity.

Thank you very much for your kind workds @WannaCryyy


great share! thanks

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