[GUIDE] [2019] Instagram ++ is Instagram on Steroids 💪

Hey guys! I wanted to show you a way to make your Instagram more efficient and effective when running multiple accounts/personal usage.

Instagram ++ is a jailbreak/sideloaded app that allows you to do some really amazing things, these are just a few features (the ones I find useful)

  • Read DMs/Stories without receipts
  • Instantly save stories/posts (directly on phone)
  • UNLIMITED accounts (I have 13 accounts on my phone against the 5 limit)
  • Change your feed to explore type (no need to scroll)
  • Hide sponsored posts/full timestamps
  • Shows whether someone follows you on their Instagram profile + exact followers

This application has simplified my posting process as I manage quite a few accounts on Instagram and its good to have a native app that can do all of these things at once.


  • Must be willing to jailbreak your phone (back then there was a company called Tweakbox that allowed you to download without jailbreaking but with recent certificate breaches, jailbreaking your phone is much easier long-term)

  • You need to jailbreak your phone again if it turns off and every 7 days (just be aware, there is also something called ext3nder which automatically renews your certificate which you can install)


  1. Download Cydia Impactor (http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/) it allows you to side-load applications (3rd party installations) from your computer using .IPA files

  2. Visit https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/ sidebar to check the latest jailbreak with your IOS

  3. Sideload the .IPA jailbreak (I used Unc0ver) onto your phone through Cydia Impactor, once Unc0ver is on your phone, Go to General -> Profile & Device Management -> Trust the new certificate. Now you can jailbreak through your phone on Unc0ver and install Cydia

  4. Once Cydia is installed, you can go on https://iosninja.io/ipa-library/download-instagram-plus-ipa-ios and download Instagram ++ V52.0 (this one is the most stable which allows multiple accounts compared to the new ones)

  5. Once side-loaded you can begin using Instagram ++! There will be ads but you can sign-up for an ad-free account (it costs like $3-4)

This may sound like quite a lot of work but trust me, it has shortened what would take 2 hours of content curation/posting into 20 minutes on my network and its well worth the effort when I use Instagram everyday. If you have any questions, please post it here for everyone if they have similar issues



Thanks for writing this awesome guide! Good effort!

But it may not be wise to have more than 5 acc on one phone. As you know - IG can track your google play buyers ID, imei code, sim card details, location details, ip, device id and other bits.

It allows up to 5 accounts to be used safely, we go so far to spoof all of those using Jarvee, selecting mobile proxies etc. This method would link all the accounts and tell IG there’s one device managing all of it.

It’s hard to know what causes Phone Verifications, blocks and ultimately bans. But I think giving away a link to accounts may be an issue here.

I hope not, I would be so happy to add all clients accounts on my device! But I’m worried it is not that safe after all. On its own, maybe. But not when running a bot aside?

Curious to hear what’s your opinion op.

Alternatively, I’ve been using @SZarkic account creation method to spoof all of those phone specific details and login ‘true incognito mode’ to clients accounts which I think is better. But obviously that only works per session and requires login. So that’s that.


thanks for the guide!

Great share I also use this tweak.

If you have an older phone that won’t download this try another similar tweak called “rocket for Instagram” I have that installed on a iphone 4

Great guide except for the fact that there is no open signing window for iOS12 which means no one can jailbreak right now unless they have blobs from previous jailbreaks saved or they are on an older iOS version that can still be jailbroken. If you really want to use Instagram++ you can sideload the app but I’ve heard of horror bricking stories with sideloading on iOS12. Like I said before for all instagram app related things, Its better to buy a spare android and root it as jailbreaking doesnt offer many avenues like rooting does for ig

Good point! I’m not exactly sure of whats happening as they are trying to circumvent it (such as https://chimera.sh/ for IOS 12) but I would exercise the same caution in sideloading/jailbreaking anything

This is a really interesting point! To answer your question, out of all 13 accounts there is only one account which I use that is actively automated but the rest are purely for content posting

I have gotten a device shadowban from doing a small mother/child method for one account but I don’t think that had to do with Instagram ++ as opposed to not following proper automation protocol in the past

I would not recommend keeping the accounts on Instagram ++ if they are all automated as Instagram does track extra actions but I’m personally not too sure if theres any effect on multiple accounts on one device vs splitting devices because of IP tracking and there is nothing wrong with having more than 5 accounts.

I would solely use Instagram ++ for real organic Instagram activity/posting as a network owner while keeping any automation/engagement groups to Telegram/own program, hope this helps!

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without cydia, you could directly download Instagram++ via https://www.tweakboxapp.com

I think Tweakbox only sideloads now cause of random kids reporting their certificates

You can still get Instagram++ with IOS ninja

Can you use iOS++ to create multiple accounts?

I am looking for something for iPad but this must be pretty detectable anyway

For anyone wondering on an update: No issues at all

You can try downloading from https://iosninja.io/ipa-library/download-instagram-plus-ipa-ios

now you can just download it without jailbreaking as certificates don’t take as long to revoke anymore

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dont have a version for android?

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