[GUIDE] [2019] πŸš€ Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT!

  1. So you move them to Jarvee after on raw mobile proxies then rest for 24 hours before you start botting right?

  2. Do you profile your account on the creation process? (Add link etc.)


@SZarkic Did you tested sending DMs with tags on this accs?


Great guide, just what I was looking for. Thanks for writing it!

  1. Yeah, using @HenryCooper but before i was using his proxies, sometimes i was getting follow blocked on accounts created this way, after that nothing.

  2. I do Mother/Slave trough DM linking my main page with prelanders, im growing just enough to make my store profitable but safe to bot, i have a several 10k accounts at risk here


Yeah doing it with prelanders is easy, up to 50 msgs a day


Why do you use prelanders and not @tags. I mean prelanders tend to have a lower conv ratio than tags, because they users have to do more to get to your main page.


Tags have higher ban rate. Think about it :slight_smile:


Thats right but a spamming same user over 50 accounts is not quite simple, i could get banned on all of my accounts

Im botting safely, and not that obsessed with quick growth, if you know how to monetize you don’t need a lot, i have a conversion rate of about 5% on my store with ig traffic alone, i dm them about super great offer with prelander, basically don’t make a lot of money on first order, than upsell like crazy

goal of intagram for me is to get them on my email or customer list


Never had problems with @tags in dms on my child accounts. At what scales are you doing it. Are you having like 500 child accs? Or do you experience bans on every acc that is sending @tags no matter how many child accs are sending the same @tag?


Also, you can grow main account without mentioning it or using prelanders quite effectively.


Yeah brother, I’m learning into viral posts and how to get them engaged


You shouldn’t be tagging your main account on hundreds of accounts. And let’s focus more on this thread post as OP has given the community the method to create accounts. :slight_smile:


Great method, do you have special mail provider that you use?


after i make my accounts on my 4g from phone ( i have black hat niche ) should i move them to jarvee on my proxies that i bought from my provider or how do i run them because i can’t get the proxies from my phone on jarvee … create them with phone and then put all accounts into dedicated proxies ?


Does anybody have a method that would work iPhone that I could create bulk accounts through the IG App


Sure. Shell out for a custom bot and a ton of mobile IPs. Should only be 5-500k or so.


Try different providers. I personally just wouldnt go with the cheap.ru’s - watch out for some with higher trustscore, but thats just my opinion. Another important thing is that the provider does not ask for instant pv as you just want to spend your sims when it is required.

To use the same proxies or at least same location would be perfect but is not necessary. Better watch out for the quality of the proxies. Good option are mobile proxies as they are anyways not having the same IP. When the location stays the same country - perfect! And when not, dont worry people are moving around thats human behaviour. Especially with mobile proxies changing location shouldnt be a problem because they are rotating from their nature.


You have to code or let someone code a bot for you. Im interested in that too and watching out for someone who can make that on a smartphone.

What do you mean with 5-500k?


$5,000 to $500,000 dollars.

You can get a bot created for say $250, but it will not be multithreaded etc. Support is another issue.

It depends on what you consider β€œbulk”. Bulk to some is 50 a day. Bulk to others is 5,000 per day.

A bot that can make 50 is WAY different and needs different resources than a bot that can make 5,000 per day.

And once the code changes, you need to have them recode it unless you know how. The bot isn’t even the hard part. Getting clean IP ranges is.

EDIT: Should add in the obvious. You need emails, and potentially PV’s. A good bot and clean IP’s will not require PV, maybe EV.


upon a handshake between connections – the IMEI often resides in a memory location in the phone that is retrieved at startup from android ( all bootloaders of OS’s do that). To write a different IMEI at that location can be done via special software to make it perm and actually clone a device. Now, to change it would simply rewrite a new location in the lookup table of the serial number with the new number. It really is not hard to do with software masking.